Worried about terrorists coming through Biden’s open borders? Uneasy about foreign enemies committing a biological or chemical attack on your city?

You shouldn’t be. Those misunderstood Jihadists are not nearly as bad as the Trump supporters who attacked the Capitol on January 6th. Or so says leftist broadcaster Brian Williams.

Brian Williams was on his MSNBC show “11th Hour” on Tuesday and played a clip of Senator Lindsey Graham who is concerned about terrorists coming through the southern border. 

Unserious Williams said, “Yes, but will they be terrorists as effective as the ones we saw on January 6th when they took our Capitol?”

Let’s unpack what the idiot Williams said…

First of all, he said yes – so that means he agrees that terrorists will come across the border. 

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Secondly, he’s comparing Jihadists to Trump supporters. These are Jihadists who blow up planes and buildings and have killed thousands of Americans including the devastation they inflicted on our country on September 11, 2001. 

In comparing the two in reality, not Williams’ little brain, you have Trump supporters who were at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 – none of whom have been charged by the FBI with any insurrection or terrorism charges and none of whom were arrested for having firearms. There is NO comparison. Williams is a sick person.

Thirdly, the Trump supporters didn’t “take” the Capitol. They were occupying the Capitol but they weren’t in control of it nor did they intend to be.

Fourthly, what exactly were the Trump supporters inside the Capitol “effective” in doing? Sitting at Nancy Pelosi’s desk? Visiting the House floor? Did they stop the certification of the election? No.

Yes, they injured police officers and 99.999% of Trump supporters were not cool with that at all. It’s not who we are. We are consistent across the board in our condemnations of violence.

We complained all year about the assaults on and killings of the police by the AntifaBLM during the rioting. Williams, like all of his other leftist media friends, didn’t care one iota about that and still don’t. 

And they won’t care when there is rioting during and after the George Floyd trial either because it’ll be just and morally acceptable no matter what the AntifaBLM terrorists burn down and no matter who gets hurt.

Unlike leftists, we care about all police officers. It doesn’t matter who injures them or why. It’s not acceptable and the criminals should be punished. Leftists, however, and even a lot of moderate democrats, can’t say the same thing. They are not outraged about the AntifaBLM behavior and the ones who are won’t call it out. 

They pick and choose what upsets them based on their politics. And that’s exactly what moron Williams is doing comparing foreign terrorists to Trump supporters.

Luckily for the 11 Iranians who were caught at the Arizona border last month, they did not have any Dr. Seuss books in their backpacks or they’d really be in trouble with the leftists.