Fumbling bumbling Joe Biden hasn’t had anything to do with Americans getting vaccinated. He doesn’t control his lunch menu let alone the country’s coronavirus response and vaccine distribution.

But that doesn’t stop old Joe from taking credit for the vaccines or even the deal between Johnson & Johnson and Merck which was started before Biden invaded the White House.

In a rare moment of lucidity and truth, The New York Times actually used their newsprint ink and website space to report the truth and told their readers that Trump helped getting the vaccines out there to the people.


They still don’t tell the WHOLE truth that he’s 100% responsible for us having vaccines – but hey, even admitting that Trump “helped” is a step forward for the leftist rag.

So what happened after they posted the article? 

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All Hell broke lose.

Thou shalt NOT give Trump credit for anything that he did to make America Great again.

Leftists were incredulous that the NYT wrote a piece with a headline that said “Biden Got the Vaccine Rollout Humming With Trump’s Help.”

It is still a fake news header since Biden does nothing all day other than to sign his name to get anything humming along but the story was enough to drive the leftists more crazy than they already are.

The NYT actually published the sentences, “the new administration expanded and bulked up a vaccine production effort whose key elements were in place when Mr. Biden took over for President Donald J. Trump. Both administrations deserve credit…”

And they also said “Mr. Biden benefited hugely from the waves of vaccine production that the Trump administration had set in motion.”


Who do they think they are reporting the actual truth?

Writer Eric Boehlers, blogger of Press Run and previous writer for the leftist Salon, Daily Kos and Media Matters, just can’t believe that the NYT thinks that Trump deserves credit for the “extraordinary success” the Biden administration is having getting Americans vaccinated.

He said that the article lacks any compelling evidence that Trump deserves vaccine credit. 

It appears that Boehlers doesn’t have Google and has never heard of Operation Warp Speed. But that’s not surprising. When you live your life in a leftist bubble, only listening to CNN, MSNBC and WaPo, you’re not going to know what’s actually going on in the world.

“Good grief!” Boehlers writes about the NYT giving Trump credit for the vaccines. Boehlers says Trump’s vaccine plans were a “national embarrassment” and that under Biden, it’s become a model for the world.

Boehlers is really a half-wit to be comparing the number of vaccines that were done under Trump and Biden. Newsflash Boehlers… as time goes on, you get more people vaccinated. You have more vaccinations on day two than day one and so on. Boehlers needs to buy a brain somewhere but he doesn’t need to be shopping for one in a leftist brain store.

Boehlers also continues with the insane leftist narrative that Trump didn’t do anything during the pandemic that that he was a “disinterested bystander” while people died. Once again, if you’ve living in the CNN cave, you would believe that nonsense.

Boehlers isn’t too happy with ABC either because they said, “Despite calls for national unity and bipartisanship, President Joe Biden and his top aides have declined to give the Trump administration credit on the nation’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout.”

Biden isn’t interested in unity and neither is Boehlers and most of the Democrat party. They want what they want at any cost and will silence anyone who gets in their way with their lies and rhetoric. 

Boehlers, of course, was thanked by his fans for “setting the record straight” on the gaslighting and inaccurate information of Trump having anything to do with the the successful vaccine rollout.

And as expected, the leftist Twitter trolls have lovely things to say…

Mathew Brady says “I give him (Trump) credit for killing over 500k.”

David W Pippy says “I’ll give Trump credit for the vaccines the same day he takes credit for all the virus deaths.”

Apparently, CNN hasn’t told the leftists that COVID-19 came from China. Or they just don’t care. 

Trump Derangement Syndrome always seems to override the ability for their mental facilities to function properly. That’s what happens when they get their brain at the leftist brain store. And from the clearance rack no doubt.