As we all have seen over the past year, selective law enforcement is the new go-to position of the democrats. 

If you are an AntifaBLM friend of the democrats, you rarely get charged with crimes and if you do the leftist “law enforcers” will make sure that the criminals get every break they can. But if you are a Trump supporter and steal a pack of gum, watch out! 

Anti-American progressive billionaire George Soros has spent plenty of money to install anti-law district attorneys all over the country to create chaos in the judicial system and let criminals off the hook.

One such sicko who was elected is Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón. He is so bad that he has actually been sued by local prosecutors. They’ve had at least one victory in court already that restricts Gascon from refusing to prosecute under the three strikes law.

Gascón won his election by defeating the first black woman to hold the post because of Soros money and the backing of Black Lives Matter. How nuts is that??! That just shows you that black lives DON’T actually matter to that group – politics does.

Gascón won because of his promised criminal justice “reform.” That reform came in the way of ending cash bail, eliminating the death penalty and ending sentencing enhancements which can often add 10-20 more years onto a criminal sentence.

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What Soros wants, Soros gets. Protect the criminals at all cost. Victims and the general public be damned.

Gascón seems to have fans including Phillip Dorsett, a gang member currently behind bars. He’s seen in a video toasting Gascon (literally) with bootleg liquor. He had been sentenced to 40 years to life in prison for a 2005 execution-style shooting death of a rival gang member but is expected to be released soon.

Breitbart reports that the recent uncovered video smuggled out of prison on a cell phone shows Dorsett and a cellmate toasting the fact that they’ll be going home soon, thanks to Gascón.

The video was released by California District Attorneys Association who are not at all happy with Gascón’s anti-law initiatives to help out criminals.

Dorsett is on video saying, “Right here with my cellie. Some white lightning, a little cup, boom!  Celebrating us going home on this Gascón directive. Whoop!”

He learned that Gascón issued new directive for possible resentencing of inmates who have already served 15 years. 

Because it’s just really mean for any murderers to have to be in prison for more than 15 years, the poor things.