This is what you get with government-controlled health care. You get rationing and you get political recommendations and edicts on our health care based on who is in charge of the government. The tyrants get to decide who lives and dies and they can use any rationale they want in their decision-making process. 

This Democratic strategy of state-controlled health care combined with abuse of power is not news to Conservatives who have been fighting to keep our private health care as long as the Democrats have been trying to destroy it. We don’t want the government making any of our health care decisions and for good reason.

If we had a private sector health care system and only a private sector health care system, we would have vaccines showing up at our doctor’s offices and pharmacies across the country and the people who want or need them would show up and get them. 

The process would be streamlined and efficient just like the flu shot and the Shingles shot and all the other vaccines. You need a shot? You go and get one. Easy-peasy. 

Yes, I can go along with prioritizing the elderly getting the vaccines first because they are the ones most at risk. But after that happens, the vaccines should be widely available for all people – sent out based on the number of vaccines that the people giving the vaccines need allotted to them.

We shouldn’t have the government deciding which people are essential and how they’re going to ration our health care from the top down.

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But the governments – the Feds, states and locals –are all deciding where the vaccines are going, who gets them, where, when and how. 

When the vaccines finally show up, we have to look at the governmental checklist to see if we’re eligible. Are we in 1A or 2F or 3D? What month do our lives become important?

Am I the right age? The right color? The right income? Do I fit in the state’s formula to be eligible?

The problem comes in for the Democrats when their “priority” groups of voters clash. They try to keep everyone happy but it’s not easy.

This has been seen in the past with windmills. It was windmills vs. the animal rights people because the windmills were killing birds – the windmills won. The Democrats finally had to pick a side.

This type of thing is happening now. Democrats are having to choose between vaccinating minorities or teachers. Which is more important? Both are big voting blocks.

Unfortunately for our puppet president, it looks like one of his advisers is not too happy with Biden’s prioritization of vaccinations for teachers and school staff. According to The Hill, his administration is working on partnering with pharmacies to give educators at least one vaccine by March. 

Infectious diseases specialist Celine Gounder, and an adviser to Biden’s COVID-19 transition team, doesn’t like what’s going on at all and said pharmacies wouldn’t be getting “additional” vaccines. 

She Tweeted that the pharmacies would be “taking vaccine away from higher-risk persons and communities of color to vaccinate young healthy teachers. This is an ANTI-EQUITY move.”

Press Secretary Jen Psaki tried to calm down the anti-racist racist in her press conference by saying that the vaccines are not JUST for teachers – they’re also for the “diverse workforce” that includes bus drivers, janitorial workers and child care workers.

Psaki did her best to keep both sides happy. She didn’t want to have to choose between the windmill or the bird.

Psaki continued, “So our view is actually that this step is one that is meant to help communities of color, help students who are already being disproportionately disadvantaged by schools being closed.”

So not to worry – politics is still a criteria for the Biden administration in delivering vaccines to the public. 

Their priorities might go back and forth but they’ll always make sure to keep their voter blocks happy as opposed to, you know, doing what’s morally and ethically right.