President Trump was elected to stop illegal immigration and to make America great again.

For decades and decades and decades and decades, our country has been sold out by the Democrats and the Rinos for their own power and personal gain. 

Protecting America and defending the Constitution was the last things on their minds.

The Rinos are at it again now. Instead of fighting EVERYTHING the democrats do because everything they do sucks, they are being Democrat-lite and talking about proposing legislation that we want nothing to do with.

When the leftists write legislation to destroy the country, the Republicans should NOT be writing their own legislation to destroy the country a little less.

In an effort to lose every upcoming election from now on (and that’s if we’re able to get rid of voter fraud and the Democrats’ “For the People” Act), the Rinos are talking about an amnesty plan, legislation for increasing the minimum wage and increasing the child tax credit.

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Republican Senators Marco Rubio and Mike Lee have proposed an increase in the child care credit. Free money for reproducing. That comes right out of the Democratic handbook. It really doesn’t matter what disclaimers or limitations they put on their Democrat-lite version of it. It’s not anything that is on the Conservative agenda.

Then there are immigration issues…We wanted nothing to do with the “Gang of 8” from the past and don’t want anything from them and their successors now.

Senators John McCain, Marco Rubio (both losers in the presidential race), Jeff Flake and Lindsey Graham had decided to cozy up to four other democrats in 2013 by forming the Gang of 8 to try to force their immigration ideas on us, including a path to citizenship. 

No thanks.

Now it looks like House REP Maria Salazar of Florida is saying a Republican-led amnesty plan for millions of illegals will be unveiled next week.


She’s working on a plan because she wants to “send a message to the Latinos or the browns in this country that we in the Republican Party, we have the same values entrenched in our party that are in their hearts.”

How about you send a message about not rewarding illegality?

How about you send a message that you will represent the people who elected you?

How about you protect American workers who are out of jobs because of the pandemic and not give amnesty to 17 million+ illegals (and we know the real number is significantly higher.)

Protecting the border and American citizens seemed to work for Donald Trump who increased his support among Hispanics while in office, going up four points to 32% after he implemented his border security plans.

Not to be outdone by the Rino asinine-ness of his colleagues, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is talking about increasing the minimum wage, just not quite as high as the leftists want.

Hey Mitch. How about not coming up with stupid ideas that are going to put undue burdens on businesses already struggling to survive during the pandemic?

Republicans couldn’t get away with this kind of crap when Trump was President because they knew he’d veto any of their B.S. But we don’t have that firewall for Republican stupidity anymore.

Anti-business McConnell said on Tuesday that he’s open to a minimum wage increase and that it’s “worth discussing.”

What’s worth discussing is finding alternate America First candidates to primary these idiots.