If you are a New York Times reader, you would be under the impression that the crisis at the border is Trump’s fault. A recent story on the border says that “President Biden is trying to untangle an interlocking web of Trump-era border restrictions, leading for now to disparate treatment of migrants and rampant confusion.”

The leftists, as usual, use their lies to cover-up the asinine behavior of Democrats, in this case senile Joe Biden who honestly doesn’t know what’s going on at the border of his dining room, let alone anywhere else.

Biden’s cancellation of just about every one of Trump’s border policies that was actually working has led to an all-out border crisis because everyone on the planet got the memo that America is OPEN now. 

Come one, come all. And they are – in their Biden shirts with their hands out for their $1100 asylum checks.

There are a few honest (Conservative) media outlets covering the illegal immigration crisis and you can even find some video of what’s going on here and there, but the leftist media is pretty much on a blackout of what’s going on – and those forced to cover it like the Times will skew the truth and not tell what’s really going on and why.

We certainly aren’t getting any photos of overcrowded facilities.

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That’s because everything is on the QT with the Biden folks.

Senior-level law enforcement workers in the Department of Homeland Security are not being allowed to speak freely about the crisis at the border, according to a source who talked with Breitbart News. 

Immigration issues will henceforth only be coming from the DHS’s Office of Public Affairs and the White House Press Office. 

Gotta keep the lies straight and under wraps. Gotta keep the misinformation flowing (although Facebook and Twitter don’t care about THIS misinformation).

The transparency they are afforded with the media, the law enforcement source says, is “night and day” compared to when Trump was President.

Yes, that’s because Trump wasn’t a liar who tried to hide things from the American public.

But good luck to the Dems in trying to muzzle the local law enforcement folks who are dealing with the invasion into our country into their own counties and cities. Even some Democrats are getting incensed.

Democratic REP Henry Cuellar out of Texas told Fox News, “I can tell you this, those numbers of people that are being released, they’re purposely withholding that information. I now know that they’re bringing people from McAllen over to Laredo, processing them in Laredo, and they’re going to release them in my community.”

Members of the press, of course, were not allowed to cover the recent visit over the weekend of DHS Secretary Mayorkas and Director of Domestic Policy Council, Susan Rice at the border. 

Of course not. They’d have to answer questions. And the visuals wouldn’t be good for them. No cameras allowed.

Also missing from the border was AOC wailing at the fence about kids in cages and crowded buildings. And there were no photo ops for the Democrats to complain about kids drinking water out of toilets.

The leftist Washington Post came up with a slogan in 2017 that they still use today that is very true – and could basically be the slogan of every Democrat and fake news media outlet in the country.

Democracy Dies in the Darkness.

It certainly does. As will our Constitution and way of life as the Democrats continue their siege on our country with the help of foreign invaders who will be recycled into Democrat voters.