When you pay off the American public with a $1400 bribe, who is going to complain about a $1.9 trillion Coronavirus Relief bill that only contains about 9% of Coronavirus relief?

Who’s going to complain about anything that’s actually in the bill as long as people get their $1400? Who’s going to complain about illegal aliens with COVID-19 overrunning our country as long as people get their $1400? Who’s going to complain about a president who doesn’t know where he is most of the time as long as people get their $1400?

Little to no one, that’s who. Certainly not one single Democrat that I know.

When you are a corrupt Demoncrat and you’re able to put a $1400 bribe into 500+-page legislation, you can pretty much get away with anything you want and payoff all of your constituents in the process. 

No one is going to care that a lot of the money in the bill won’t be spent for two years or three years or ten. No one is going to care that you are paying off all your union friends and the states who helped you win elections (thanks Attorney Generals, Governors and Secretaries of State!) Or that you set up payoffs for your buddies to help in future elections.

With almost two trillion dollars to play with, the Democrats put in all kinds of fun things into the bill to further their progressive agenda. Pay to play = lots of money for their voters, supporters, donors, friends and family.

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Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is downright giddy about what they’re getting away with, calling the bill remarkable and historic. She laughingly says that it will crush the virus and solve our economic crisis.

Yeah right. 

She’ll be solving her own economic crisis in San Francisco by getting most of their deficit. And they’ll be giving Granny Killer and MeToo poster boy Andrew Cuomo all kinds of money.

It doesn’t even matter to them that there is about $1 trillion of unspent COVID-19 relief money from past coronavirus bills still sitting around. No, no, that’s not relevant. Money is URGENTLY urgently urgently needed to help us all survive the economic and pandemic destruction that Trump has inflicted on us. So urgent, that a whole 1% of the bill is going towards vaccine distribution.

It’s the America Rescue Plan, don’t you know – and the Democrats are truly interested in “rescuing” us, aren’t us? They are so very concerned about us that it almost makes me want to cry. 

Of course, the media is doing their bidding and helping them with the PR for the bill. Turn on any radio program the last few days and you’ll hear news segments telling us all about the spending for PPE for the schools (that won’t re-open), $1400 payments for everyone, and the other COVID-19 spending. The media is acting like jokers by pretending that it’s actually a coronavirus bill.

They won’t tell you the whole truth, that’s for sure. And never will. They are more of a joke than the Demoncrats. 


And those of us who are hoping that our republic survives these leftists sit here awaiting their next tricks to be pulled out of their tyrannical magic hat.