Apparently, the House can impeach former presidents as, it is said, a D.A. can indict a ham sandwich if they so desire. So why stop at Trump? Here are 21st and 20th century former presidents and the reasons they deserve at least impeachment.

Obama- For everything he did from the moment he took office to the second he left office. Every. Bloody. Thing.

Bush the Younger- The Iraq debacle, for not turning Afghanistan into a charred lifeless hole, and for not using his 9-11 political capital to enact conservative programs. The weird nicknames thing didn’t help either.

Clinton- For not divorcing Hillary early on and thus sparing America her entire oeuvre of ridiculous megalomania.

Bush the Elder- For not being Reagan.

Reagan- You’re kidding, right?

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Carter- For wrecking the economy, appeasing our enemies, and just generally being a hayseed jackass.

Ford- Impeaching Jerry Ford would be like pistol whipping a blind kitten. So, no.

Nixon- For getting caught.

Johnson- For destroying society with The Great Society, for not winning Vietnam in a fortnight, and for wussing out in New Hampshire to Gene McCarthy.

Kennedy- For sharing a mistress with the head of the Chicago mob, for losing his nerve at Vienna and the the Bay of Pigs, and for serving as president while a drug-addled dilettante.

Eisenhower- Pass.

Truman- Pass.

FDR- Where do we begin? From the gitgo the man was a wannabe despot and amateur leader. He extended the Depression by almost a decade with absurd economic nostrums, tried to pack the Supreme Court, sucked up to the Soviets, employed Communist agents, and brought to Washington a raft of government lawyers who were to become the bane of American enterprise and entrepreneurial freedom.

His not so shining moment was the Yalta Conference in early 1945. With WWII almost done, despite Churchill’s warnings, the terminally ill Roosevelt gave the Soviets all they wanted, thus almost negating the whole reason for fighting WWII. They in turn subjugated Eastern Europe for over forty years and held the world hostage to their nukes, also a present to the Russians from Roosevelt era Soviet spies. For those reasons and so much more, dig him up, like Pope Formosus, and impeach the bejesus out of him.

Hoover- Know it all wonderboy who really got us into the Depression, as most of Roosevelt’s bumbling started with him. For that and actually trying to enforce Prohibition, impeach the stuffed shirt out of him.

Coolidge- The epitome of anti-impeachment chic. The best president by far because he mostly stayed out of the way and let America get on with business. He broke strikes and had a laconic sense of humor. He presided over a great decade in American history and let gin and the jazz age run their course without undue government bother. Just really and totally: The Man.