I wasn’t aware that the CDC could legislate anything. I remember when the democrats were wailing about Trump being a dictator. But I don’t remember Trump “legislating” anything during the pandemic when he was President, under the CDC or any other department.

I could be wrong but I only remember Trump’s CDC releasing guidelines to individuals and states and letting them constitutionally do what they needed to do.

Under Trump, there were no rules for national mask mandates, no departmental rules about shutdowns, no edicts on what free American citizens had to do.

But under tyrannical Joe Biden, he issues his executive orders to rule over us and now the CDC is legislating our behavior under the Department of Health and Human Services and enforced by the Transportation Security Administration as well as other federal, state and local authorities.

It started already on Monday at airports and transportation hubs all over the country. You WILL wear a mask. And the right kind. Or else.

This is what happens when every area of our personal and business lives are controlled through unconstitutional legislation and departmental bureaucrat rules.

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On Friday, King Biden, along with his buddies Obama and Anthony Fauci had the Dept. of Health and Human Services write a new order mandating that people wear masks on all subways, buses, planes, trains, taxis and ride-shares. 

Not sure about boats, horses, Amish buggies or rickshaws. Although one of the footnotes in the mask order says that their jurisdiction includes intrastate waterways so watch out if you’re on a jet-ski!

The new 12-page edict says that persons must wear masks over the mouth and nose with traveling on conveyances into and within the United States as well as transportation hubs. You must properly wear a mask that completely covers your nose and mouth and it should be secured to the head with ties or ear loops. The mask should fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face and face shields are not accepted. Your mask can be a commercial mask or a homemade mask and should be a solid piece of material without slits, exhalation valves or punctures. 

No word on what color it needs to be or what kind of prints that you can’t wear. What about a MAGA mask? Is that allowed? Probably not.

What happens if you don’t wear a mask? Well, you’d be in violation of Federal Law and you will be removed. Kicked out. Redistributed. Disembarked.

However, I find it highly unlikely that you’ll be removed from a flying airplane. 

But hey, you never know when democrats are in charge.

According to The Hill and other media outlets, the TSA can also fine you a civil penalty for attempting to circumvent screening requirements, interfering with screening personnel or a combination of those offenses.

No worries though. The rules say that you don’t have to wear a mask if you are unconscious or incapacitated. However if you are sleeping, the mask is still required. And if you are having problems breathing, you may remove the mask temporarily. How nice of the government!

These rules were made under emergency actions under the authority of 42 USC and not under the APA (Administrative Procedure Act). The democrats have already concluded in their report that if a court says that the order qualifies as a rule under the APA, notice and comment and a delay in enacting this order is not required because they have “good cause” to dispense with those pesky rules. They say it would be impracticable and contrary to the public health and the public interest. 

So no lawsuits are needed. That’s the end of that.

Just like all of the other unconstitutional emergency orders from governors across the Fruited Plains, these emergency rules will remain in effect until modified or rescinded by the tyrants who wrote the order to begin with – or until the Secretary of Health says so. So sometime in 2029 sounds about right.

We’ve now entered into the democratic Twilight Zone where they have no restraints to rule over us. The Constitution is meaningless and so is congressional legislation. ObamaHarrisBiden will do what they want to do. 

We are in a new dimension of dystopian absurdism and tyrannical evil. 

However, we’ll have no surprise ending or moral at the end of the story in this Twilight Zone episode. 

We’ll just be traveling through a place we might never return from.