In the world of virtuality where everyone is doing things from their homes, including politicians, who the heck cares where Ted Cruz is Zooming from?

The democrats, and even some on our “side” were all in a tizzy that Ted Cruz took his family to Cancun during the Texas State of Emergency. 

I am not into optics or public relations. I’m into facts. 

The reason that Trump got elected is because we were sick of fake Republicans who did things for optics – but never solved any problems. We were sick of listening to Rinos who said they cared about things and did nothing.

Sure, this “scandal” will follow Cruz for the rest of his career because the leftist media will make sure it does, but the whole thing is ridiculous.

Cancun-gate is insignificant, absurd and laughable. What’s also sad and laughable is the leftist media and Twitter trolls giving it more “airtime” than Cuomo killing elderly people, Biden letting illegals into our country and the disaster in Texas. 

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But then again, that’s probably why they been talking about Ted for days – to distract everyone.

Newsflash people…Cruz is not an electrician or power grid supervisor. He’s not needed to cut down trees with a chainsaw or fill jugs with water. He’s not going out checking the roads to make sure they’re clear of snow safe to drive on. He’s not mandated as a Senator to shovel our driveways or make welfare checks.

Cruz’s physical presence is not needed in Texas in order to monitor the energy crisis or do what he needs to do as a Senator.

The fact that Cruz was at home means that the Senate is in recess. 

That’s right. They’re in RECESS. 

Another newsflash… Apparently the COVID-19 pandemic and the country’s economic crisis is SO very dire that the Senate has ignored taking care of the relief bill to help individuals and businesses. Instead, they took up valuable Senate time for Fake Impeachment 2.0 and then jetted off to their homes afterwards. 

They’re on recess. Both chambers.

So what are all the other Senators doing on their recess? I doubt that most of them are doing anything to help their constituents on their time off.

I demand a full report on their actions and locations the past week. Let’s do an audit and see if all the Senators are in their own homes in their home states, taking care of their state business and helping the people that they represent. 

No more personal vacations, family time or hobbies.

Let’s start dictating what politicians do while they are on their own time. Or at least the Republicans, right?

Was Chuck Schumer meeting with New York schools and restaurants last week to make sure the city doesn’t spiral into disaster?

Oops… too late. That’s right – Old Chuckie hasn’t done a darn thing to help his state whether he’s there in person or not.

Things are happening in every state with everyone’s constituents right now – people have lost jobs, they’re losing their businesses, they are homeless, they’re fighting bad weather, they’re addicted to opiods, they’re having problems with health insurance, people have been shot, they need vaccines, they need insulin…there are a lot of problems.

But Representatives need to represent. So what did they all do last week? Where was everyone?

The truth is that most of the politicians don’t represent us any more in Washington DC than they do when they’re on recess at home swimming in their pools and bathing in their golden tubs. 

Or binge eating ice cream, right Nancy?

And Ted Cruz did what any one of us would do if we had the opportunity to make life easier for our family. He got his family out of dodge to be more comfortable. They decided to go somewhere that had lights, running water and heat. The horror!

And if Cruz goes to a place where he has consistent energy and cell phone service, it allows him to be more productive and do his job better.

But of course, that doesn’t matter.

And let me point out an inconvenient truth to the leftists…No one died because Ted Cruz took a trip to Cancun. 

Do you know what was happening Valentine’s Day weekend when Biden was playing games with his granddaughters at Camp David? 

Thousands and thousands of people were dying of and hospitalized with COVID-19. 

He should have been in The White House saving people. Why was he allowed to leave DC?

Same thing with Kamala. Was she in DC taking care of the pandemic or overseeing the Texas response over the weekend? Nope. She took off to Los Angeles.

So spare me the concern about where Ted Cruz is Zooming from – whether that criticism comes from leftists, Republicans or Conservative websites like Hot Air.