Texans need food and water. Why isn’t there a massive federal response to help the people in Texas?

A water supply catastrophe and a need for food is driving people to go to food banks for their essentials. 

Why am I not seeing constant photos and video of federal government workers handing out supplies to Texans, showing us all how great Biden is and how much he cares?

But instead, I am still seeing headlines like “Texans flock to food banks as recovery begins” and “millions without water.”

The Daily Mail reports that 14 million people need clear water during this “health catastrophe.”  

Where is Biden? 

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He’s had more than a week to organize a relief effort.

Democrats are supposed to be our saviors. They constantly complain about how bad Republicans handle things and tell us that they can do everything better. 

So the problems in Texas should be solved by now. The Great and caring Biden should have it handled. The inclement weather in Texas started more than a week ago on Thursday, February 11th.

Why isn’t Biden coordinating planes coming in and distributing supplies in all the big cities and in large venues like football stadiums? Why aren’t there air drops of food and water?

Why aren’t we seeing National Guard trucks from all over the country in all of the big Texas cities handing out food and water? 

Why isn’t the Coast Guard dropping in food and water to remote parts of Texas? I’ve seen no participation from them at all in Texas except for the Sea Turtle rescue.

Obviously for Biden, it’s NOT all hands on deck for a state that voted for Trump.

The National Guard is standing around with nothing to do in DC except pose for a photo op. Maybe they should be “redistributed” to Texas so they can actually help people and save lives. 

I thought democrats liked redistribution.

So it looks like it’s up to the state, the cities, the churches and the Texas National Guard to try to help people with the supplies they are able to get. Plus the food banks, private and non-profit organizations are helping with the donations they are receiving. They are the ones on the front lines while Biden is AWOL.

Why isn’t the media covering Biden’s failure to help the people in Texas?

This is a scandal. And it’s being ignored by the leftist media. The leftist media that is too busy reporting on where Ted Cruz is.

People are begging for food, water and gas. The are standing in lines to get meals at Burger King (until they run out of food). They are going to grocery stores only to find them with empty shelves.

Where is Biden?

Where was Biden after the Texas disaster started? That’s right, he was at Camp David playing games with his grandchildren in the middle of a State of Emergency in Texas AND a nationwide pandemic. But the news media didn’t care.

And where is he now? Well he finally met with FEMA on Friday the 19th to sign a major disaster declaration, a week after the storm hit.

This allows Federal funds to be available for temporary housing, home repairs and low-cost loans. But what about the immediate needs of food, water and gas?

According to their press release FEMA seems to be setting their priorities helping shelters and warming stations instead of the majority of people who are out there on their own.

Does anyone actually believe that Trump would have gotten away with this massive failure to help Texas? And that’s what this is. A democratic massive failure by the Biden administration to help the people of Texas. 

Under Trump’s watch, there would be Hell to pay for this kind of incompetence.

Trump actually DID care about people. He didn’t pretend to care about people for political gain. He donated $29,000 worth of food and supplies to recovery efforts in North Carolina after Hurricane Matthew. 

If Biden shows up at all, he’s Zooming in and out, in between trips, naps and early lids.

Trump was engaged personally in relief efforts unlike Biden but he still got no credit for anything he ever did personally or as President.

And I think we all remember how the leftist media tried to destroy former President Bush over his response to Hurricane Katrina but Biden won’t get that same treatment.

When help doesn’t come soon enough in a disaster under a Republican Mayor, Governor or President, it’s all over the news but no one is questioning Biden about why Texans don’t have food and water.

Has ultra-rich Biden or ultra-rich Pelosi donated any money or supplies to Texas? No.

Not a dime, not a penny from any of the Bidens who have profited off of Biden’s long political career.

I Googled “Biden donates” and got no search results back having to do with Texas.

Nothing has gone to Texas out of Kamala’s big bank account either. But she’s saving her money to bail out Black Lives Matter criminals.

Meanwhile, Biden gets a free pass on being totally inept during the Texas storm crisis and the media is derelict in their duties to expose the failure.

But don’t worry. I am sure Biden’s folks are staging a nice photo op in case he actually comes out into the light and shows up in Texas sometime in the near future. His Press Secretary, Jen Psaki says he might go to Texas this week. She says, “He is eager to go down to Texas and show his support.”

No, what he is eager to do is get photographed showing his support and pretending that he has things under control.