Since the democrats think they can impeach private citizens who aren’t in office, where can the rest of us sign up to get the same treatment? 

I’d like to be able to delay the Senate’s work to destroy the country by keeping them busy. So how do I get the House to impeach me and then have them try me in the Senate for days without a judge?

I have to ask…Why is Trump so special that HE can get all of this attention but I’m left hung out to dry?

Why can’t I be unconstitutionally impeached?

I’m a Precinct Delegate and just like Trump I currently and have often talked about and called for fighting back and resisting and not complying with idiotic democratic policies. 

Read my articles. Look at my Twitter feed. Read my re-Tweets. 

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My own very liberal aunt, who apparently has been reading my articles (which I appreciate) actually messaged me to ask if I was part of the insurrection at the Capitol or if I was just sitting at home stoking the flames to overthrow democracy and put lives at risk. I’m sure she’d show up as a witness in my impeachment trial.

I believe in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, due process and law and order. I didn’t call for anyone to storm the Capitol any more than Trump did but, like him, I totally believe there was voter fraud and that Biden is an illegitimate president so surely I must be impeached! 

According to the democrats (and my aunt), I am a right-wing extremist domestic terrorist.

And who really knows what I could have incited? My stories might inspire people to overeat chocolate, boycott Amazon, read the Constitution, run for office or (egads!) buy a gun to protect themselves. I could be the cause of untold and unimaginable mayhem and chaos. My pets seem to think so.

I could have inspired numerous crimes across the country that can be traced back to me, leaving the actual perpetrators blameless in their atrocities.

As reported in the Detroit News, there were many Cass County Michigan Precinct Delegates at the Trump rally on January 6th. That means we are ALL insurrectionists and must be cancelled. Guilt by association.

Oh, but alas, the only problem is that I ultimately don’t meet the criteria of the crazy democrats.

I’m a Precinct Delegate but I’m still IN office. I still hold my position as an elected officeholder.

Maybe if I ever resign or decide not to run again, I can contact Nancy Pelosi to see about my impeachment and get impeached AFTER I leave because the only other way to get rid of me seems to be a recall with a special election.

I doubt that the government will spare the expense of a special election to get rid of little ol’ me – unless, of course, I became a polarizing figure and embarrass Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer or Attorney General Dana Nessel. 

When those two girls get offended because their tyranny is ignored, they seem to spare no time or expense going after people like 77-year old Michigan barber Karl Manke or the owners of Friske Farm Market.

It’s quite disappointing that I probably won’t be impeached. And definitely not impeached twice. But hey, I’m a Graphic Designer so I can make up my own Impeachment Certificate. 

I should sell them. I could probably make a pretty penny.

And if you don’t know what a Precinct Delegate is, shame on you. Google it. You should already be one. Get off the couch and get in the game, folks.

Stand up for your country (oops! more incitement!)