The ObamaHarrisBiden administration is not taking the defense of our country seriously. Instead, our Defense Department is being used as another arm of the democratic party in order to go after their political enemies, pursue their climate change agenda and force their gender confusion on the Armed Forces.

Not only do the democrats want to snuggle up to tyrants like Iran and China, they don’t intend to use our military and the Defense Department for the purpose they were created for.

Maybe Biden should take a look-see at the website of the Department of Defense where they actually admit (but don’t currently adhere to) the fact that their mission is to provide the military forces needed to deter war and ensure our nation’s security.

Upon taking up the office of the presidency, Joe Biden saw an immediate threat to the country and lickety-split, he issued an Executive Order to lift the ban on transgenders serving with the military. 

Phew… I feel safer now. 

Then… pretty much the first thing that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin did in his new position was to order his troops to “stand down” for 60 days.

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The first thing.


I don’t think China has ever ordered their military to stand down.

And what was the emergency? A cyber threat? China on the move? Iranian nuclear proliferation? North Korean missiles headed our way?

No, the Defense Department needs time to rout out Trump supporters. If they are actually successful in that endeavor, they’ll have about 16 people left in the military so good luck with that.

The official language of the Defense Department is that they’re going to “confront extremism” but how many Antifa or Black Lives Matter terrorists and their supporters are going to be removed from the military? 

Zippo, zero, zilch. That’s how many.

And what is the democratic-run Defense Department’s definition of extremism? I think we all know the answer to that question. But the Department of Defense won’t tell anyone.

So they’re going to spend 60 days looking for military members who posted Facebook memes supporting Trump – and then it’s out you go. There are going to be lots of ex-military members who will soon need to find solar panel jobs. Maybe John Kerry will help them out.

Explaining the witch hunt, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby talked about the importance of the prevalence of troops with extremist views and ties to extremist activities. He said to reporters, “Even though the numbers might be small, they may not be as small as we would like them to be, or we believe them to be. And that no matter what it is, it is not an insignificant problem.”

Thanks, Kirby. It’s good to know you are looking out for the security of the United States.

The Defense Department also recently became involved in the “base-naming commission,” appointing leaders to serve in the congressionally-mandated commission on the naming of items in the department that commemorate the confederacy.

Once again, I’m glad to see the Defense Department is laser focused on our national security.

And then we have Biden’s recent trip to the Pentagon, which was mostly ignored during Fake Impeachment 2.0.

Biden gave a slurred speech he could hardly get through where he outlined his vision for the Defense Department and what their role in the world will be. 

Puppet Joe told us all, “There is no aspect of our agenda of the 21st century leadership where the women and men of the Defense Department do not have a role, whether it’s helping curb the pandemic here at home and around the world, or addressing the real threats of climate change or being part of an ongoing fight for racial justice.”

So I guess we don’t need to be worried about China, Russia, Iran or North Korea. We don’t need to worry about updating our aircraft carriers, keeping up our recruit numbers or supporting our military with needed supplies and equipment. 

We don’t have to worry about anything actually related to our national defense. 

Joe has a new direction.

To Puppet Joe and his leftist friends, a defense department is to be THEIR defense against losing elections by using it to push their progressive agenda.

The democrats, enamored for the past year with their AntifaBLM army at their beck and call, now have the Defense Department and the military on speed dial for every democrat wet dream they can come up with.

With a $740.5 million budet, 2.9 million service members and civilians in over 160 counties, they can do quite a lot of damage (to OUR country).

Back here in the real world, normal people have a whole different idea of what the Defense Department should do. And that’s mostly based on history, facts and what the military and the Defense Department were created for.

The United States Defense Department is an executive branch of the federal government and is supposed to coordinate and supervise all agencies and functions of the government directly related to national security and the Armed Forces.

Directly related to.

National security. 

Not Democrat security.

The Defense Department should not be using our military to “fight” ideas and causes like climate change, racial justice or a pandemic. 

But don’t worry your little head about this new change in direction because Biden has promised that he will never politicize the military.

Promises made. Promises broken.