While the Biden administration does little to nothing to help the people in Texas struggling with the aftermath of the storm, one generous Marine Corps veteran is picking up the slack.  

Appearing on the Weather Channel, Cody Bauman of Semper Pi Construction Company LLC described what he’s been up to for more than a week. 

He has been going around helping the residents of Houston with weather-related construction issues. He’s been able to help about 20 residents a day.

In 2017, he also helped more than 60 homeowners, removing damaged insulation and dry wall after Hurricane Harvey.

As soon as the sleet and snow started more than a week ago, Bauman worked on outsourcing his supplies and materials out of the state so that he had everything that he was going to need to help people. He had the supplies sent in from Phoenix Arizona.

Bauman had posted on the website NextDoor that they had some supplies loaded up and offered his services for free. 

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Bauman posted: “I hope everyone is staying warm! I live in Grogans Point. I’m here to offer my help. I own and operate a construction company, however, for now I’m offering my services free of charge for anyone needing services in the neighborhood. If there are weather related construction issues I can help with, please reach out. Stay warm and safe. I’m focusing on getting water back in people homes and am doing my best to help out everyone. If you still need help or I didn’t get back to you, please send me a text.”

His phones blew up after that.

One of his customers said in an interview with WFAA “He’s really good. You can have someone who has a great heart and not so many skills. He’s got skills and a great heart.”

Bauman has seen minimal to extensive damage in homes due to frozen and burst water pipes. He said one home had 32 leaks and others had entire ceilings and houses just collapse, laying on the floor. 

Besides the regular water pipes that Texans have exposed and not buried like in the cold midwest, many homes and businesses also have fire sprinklers which burst and caused massive problems.

Even in his own house, Bauman had to deal with a frozen pipe that he was quickly able to take care of and then he was off to help more people.

Bauman said if people are unable to get help right away, they need to shut off the water at the main and open up the faucets to give room for expansion and wait for someone to come by.

In his TV interview, Bauman said that his mantra is “adapt and overcome.” He said that the houses in Houston aren’t built for this (ice and snow) so nobody was ready for it. He estimates it will take three weeks to a month to get life back to normal.

Burst water pipes seem to be causing havoc all over Texas in homes, businesses and schools. 

According the Austin American-Statesman, in an effort to help more people in Texas, Governor Greg Abbott has waived some regulations to allow plumber apprentices to temporarily perform plumbing repairs without direct supervision by a license plumber.

Abbott said, “By allowing certain registered and qualified plumber’s apprentices to perform these repairs, we will be able to expedite the recovery process throughout our communities.”

Although Bauman is not a licensed plumber, he’s able to cap water lines and make sure that water is turned off properly.

Bauman said, “I know that it’s going to take a lot for this to recover, and I want to make sure that I can do as much as I can to help my community.”

As stated earlier, Bauman is a Marine Corps veteran.

The kind of person who jumps right in when there is a problem to be solved.

And the kind of person that Biden is targeting for possibly being a domestic terrorist.