Napoleon said he rather have lucky generals than good ones. If so, then Marechal Trump would be just his kind of officer.

Much outside of his own design, Trump is gaining in political strength since the events of January 6th. How? Biden is making him look good, his absence from Twitter makes Trump seem less childish and annoying, he still commands a majority of support in the Republican Party, and the Senate exoneration of him gives him something to crow about. Try and knock this guy down and, Obi-Wan Kenobi like, he rises from the abyss.

Joe Biden in his less than one month in office has many yearning for good old 2019. Nobody yearns for 2020. Even the leftist press must miss the great copy Trump provided and the sense of raging sanctimony with which they reported on Trump and his administration. The economy already misses economic maestro Trump, as job losses from Biden moves begin to sink in.

Back to the lucky department, in the boomerang sense for Jack Dorsey. Dorsey thought he was striking some great blow for truth when he banned Trump from Twitter. But the opposite has happened. Trump’s childish, thin-skinned, petulant rants are no more to be seen multiple times a day. How many people during the Trump administration, Republicans and others, said, “Somebody needs to get that guy off Twitter.” Viola, Dorsey does it for them and the Trump daily meter of citizen annoyance goes down and down. Soon it may be a relative memory unless he finds or produces another platform to rant on.

Trump took about a 20-25 percent hit in Republican Party numbers because of January 6th. Some of us broke with him when he was accused by Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “find” votes for him. Others left him the day before the attack on the Capitol, when Trump lost the Georgia runoffs for the Republicans and threw the Senate to the Democrats. Mitch McConnell is in that number. Regardless of those developments, a solid majority remains in the Trump camp. As memories fade that number will rise.

And of course, the Senate impeachment trial. Marine general and former SecDef Jim Mattis said, “There is nothing better than getting shot at and missed. It’s really great.” Trump, not one of Mad Dog’s favorite people, now can claim that honor twice. Two times Democrats have bumbled their way right into Trump’s hands and embarrassed themselves in the process. Talk about lucky. But it’s not only that. It helps to have incompetent adversaries like the Democrats and the Left.