The question is still barely open on whether we will see witnesses in the Senate trial upcoming this week. The smart money says no witnesses.

It may be because over the weekend Senate Republican staff let it be known that if witnesses are called they intended to turn the tables and give Senate Democrats a worse hit than they will give the Republicans.  Thus, Democrats were scared and likely were deterred.

Republicans intend on hitting them anyway during the presentations of Republican Senators. If Democrats by chance still go for witnesses, the spectacle will only be more detailed.

The logic is simple. Trump is old news and laying low right now. The Democrat trial strategy is guilt by association. They intend to show scenes of the assault on the capitol and implicate the entire Republican Party in the violent attack. Their argument will be that not just populist goons stormed Congress, but every Republican and Trump supporter. The media will play along, big surprise, and amplify the point. But two can play that game.

The GOP has video and tweets by various Democrats like Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and AOC showing how many times over the last four years they encouraged and called for violence against Republicans. And they have a lot of examples. Not just elected officials, but various leftist pundits and Hollywood airheads star in the Republican show and tell. Republican Senators are ready to tell that story.

And as Trump never actually told anyone, thought thoroughly implied it, to commit violence, Democrats have urged all manner of unconstitutional actions including military coups, physical violence, violent riots, and other acts of mayhem.

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If one of your massive issues, it is mine, is the double standard over coverage of Republicans and Democrats on this issue, Republicans are about to bring Democrat chickens home to roost on political violence. Their case is air tight, exposing the hypocrisy of trying a former president on an issue that Democrats have been guilty of for over four years.

It’s a win-win for Republicans because they know, given the recent test vote, that the Democrats do not have the votes to convict. So it’s all a dog and pony show. Question is, who has the best dog and pony show?

One can easily figure out why the Democrats would demure on bringing witnesses. But if they for some reason do, if they open the door, they will merely be walking into a Republican trap. Why?

Some of it would be pressure from their loony left wing, who want to smear Trump no matter what the cost anytime and anyplace. They think, in the fever swamp they call a brain, that they were totally justified in calling for violence against Republicans, while violence against them is verboten. It is unlikely the American people will see it that way.

Senate Republicans intend on a serious blistering of Democrats, going after them on their hypocrisy. However, in the unlikely event Democrats take the bait and go for witnesses the show will be very very entertaining, as Republicans promise startling surprises. Stay tuned.