Pocahontas, otherwise known as Democratic Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, has made a career pretending to be upset about the “evil” people on Wall Street. 

But when a group of individuals on Reddit decided to save a company called GameStop and stick it to the big Hedge Fund conspirators, Warren got her knickers in a twist.

All of a sudden, investigations need to be done because of market manipulation. I don’t remember Warren calling for an inquiry over what the Hedge Funds were doing, short selling the GameStop stock and trying to destroy the company.

No, that was perfectly fine.

Warren has said in the past, “People feel like the system is rigged against them, and here is the painful part, they’re right. The system is rigged.”

Thanks for actually being honest, Pocahontas.

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Yes we know that you and your friends have rigged the system against us. You ARE the system.

It’s nice to know what really upsets Warren and that seems to be when the little guy and gal (legally) pushes up a stock price, costing Hedge Funds billions of dollars. 

When that happens, Warren is all over it.

Maybe she has friends at Melvin Capital? Someone should look into that.

Warren has asked the Securities and Exchange Commission to review what happened with the GameStop stock surge. She said the regulators need to investigate how players manipulate the market and (of course) she wants new rules passed and enforced.

Warren called what happened a “flash mob with money” engaged in “internet trading schemes.”

Meanwhile, she ignores the corrupt democrats who continue to become millionaires by buying stocks so that they can personally benefit from the legislation that they write.

Last week we found out that Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi bought some stock in Tesla since she knows what kind of green energy policies that her party is going to write in their legislation and she sees that Biden is going to help her out.

Hey Warren… why no calls to investigate that? 

Dear Elizabeth, why are politicians even able to invest in stocks when they are in charge of writing economic policies?

How about cleaning up your side of the aisle? Oh, that’s right. You can’t because you’re right in the middle of the money-making profiteering that comes being in politics. 

You made millions helping corporations interpret the bankruptcy laws that you wrote and your daughter set up a business that got financed from the banks that your TARP Oversight Committee was bailing out. 

Liz, how about you call for legislation to ban any House or Senate members (and close relatives) from being able to buy any stocks during or within ten years of being in political office?

That would pretty much make most of the politicians retire because profiting off of their political career is the only reason why most of them are in office to begin with.