It looks like some elected democrats are finally dealing with the reality that Joe Biden has cognitive issues. It’s one thing to run a puppet for president. It’s another thing when that puppet actually BECOMES the President. 

Not only do the dems not want any Republican President in total control of the nuclear codes (Trump especially), they’re also concerned about Biden. And it’s hard to argue with them even though the President is the Commander-in-Chief (there’s that pesky Constitution again).

A few days ago, close to 40 democrats in the House penned a letter, led by Rep. Jimmy Panetta of California, to ask Dementia Joe to renounce his sole authority to launch nuclear weapons.

What’s up with that?

Do they know something that we don’t know? Well, we DO know what’s going on with Biden and have for a while. But it appears that the democrats REALLY REALLY know what’s going on with Biden.

The democrats called for checks and balances in the nuclear command-and control structure in the letter that was obtained by Politico. They wrote, “Vesting one person with this authority entails real risks. Past presidents have threatened to attack other countries with nuclear weapons or exhibited behavior that caused other officials to express concern about the president’s judgment.”

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The letter said they’d like to have a few more people involved in the decision to nuke a country. Maybe get a second opinion from the VP or Speaker of the House. 

Maybe even the janitor who cleans up their lunchroom. Anyone but Biden and Trump out there all alone to make decisions for the country.

The democrats are a little petrified, it seems, that Biden could nuke someplace in a matter of minutes because the military is obligated to carry out his orders. They want things slowed down. Obama needs to be notified, for goodness sake!!

Maybe these concerned dems should have thought about the position that they find themselves in BEFORE they decided to run a presidential candidate who was incapable of doing the job. But that’s precisely why Obama had the playing field cleared and got Joe the nomination. 

Biden is able to be controlled and will stay on as President as long as things continue to work out for the Democrats. Once they don’t and things get hairy, they will put Kamala into the White House.

Biden was the perfect candidate for Obama and the democrats to run because he’s too frail to stop the progressive agenda, so says Republican Florida REP Matt Gaetz. He said, “‘Sleepy Joe’ wasn’t just a political nickname, it appears to be a government strategy for the Biden Administration.”

He continued, “Having a Joe Biden that’s too frail to stand up to their efforts to decentralize power, to take over the economy, to limit people’s rights, to extend the boundaries of executive action beyond what’s constitutionally permissible, they’re able to do these things because Joe Biden’s not in a position to make decisions day in and day out.”

When talking about the democrats who no longer want Biden to have sole control over the nuclear codes, Gaetz said, “I’d be concerned about giving Joe Biden the code to my garage door opener.”

Even though Obama and friends are running things, Biden is still “technically” the president and it looks like some democrats are a little uneasy after figuring that out. 

Now they need to cover their rear ends in case Biden wants to nuke China because they’re not giving his son Hunter the payments he was promised or if Biden decides that he wants new “China” in he dining room.

Because the democrats and the leftist media are all about transparency, the full text of the letter or who signed it does not appear to have been released to the general public. 

It’s only for the eyes of the media who gets to decide what information we are able to hear about.

Just like the state of Biden’s current mental condition.