When you signed up for your Facebook page years and years ago, you probably considered the page to be YOURS and Facebook was the internet company who had developed the software and infrastructure for you to communicate with your family and friends.

It was just a more organized version of email with photos and space to comment easily.

You, undoubtedly, never thought in a million years that sometime in the future, a narcissistic partisan hack like Mark Zuckerberg, would be able to censor what you say, put you a time-out and completely lock you out of your own page all-together. 

Ten to fifteen years ago, when many of you signed up for your Facebook account, you didn’t know you were signing on to terms of service from a communist regime. But that’s what you did.

Over the years, because of a lack of direct competition, Facebook amassed a large audience and became one of the primary ways for friends, families and businesses to communicate. Not just in the United States but all over the world.

They became a de facto utility with their monopoly of the social media space. Even Politico thinks so.

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Politico said recently, “Just like we rely on quasi-monopolies to deliver water, electricity and other basic staples, so too do we lean on Google, Facebook and Amazon for everyday digital goods and services that are crucial when governments are ordering countrywide lockdowns and most contact with the outside world is now either streamed through a videoconference or done via internet messenger.”

Facebook really is a utility and they should be treated as such.

Can the post office open up your mail and deliver it based on whether the postmaster general likes what you say? No.

Can Federal Express stop your shipment because it’s an anti-climate change book? No.

Can they shut down your electric because you’re a Trump supporter? Nope.

Well, at least not yet anyway.

But Facebook can do what they want. They are special.

Even if your Facebook page is private, with you only allowing people on it who WANT to be your friends (those who actually want to see your pics of what you eat for dinner everyday, photos of your ugly kids and know your opinion on everything) Zuckerberg can still censor what you say to them too. And hide your information from them.

Facebook has been oppressive for a while now, censoring Conservatives for the last 4+ years under the Trump presidency. 

But lately, because of and since the election, they’ve done a lot more because they’ve learned that they can get away with it. 

After doing what they could to help Biden win, now that he’s in office, Facebook has decided that they need to suppress political posts by reducing their appearance in newsfeed i.e. no more Biden criticism!

The Zuckster says that he wants politics to be a smaller part of the social media experience – regardless of what YOU want. Maybe he doesn’t know you can un-follow or un-friend people you don’t want to hear from. Or more likely, he doesn’t care.

In addition to suppressing our stories about how Biden is destroying the country and continuing to put disclaimers on our posts about voter fraud and the coronavirus that they don’t agree with, they are now labeling your lyin’ posts about climate change. 

You are NOT allowed to question the almighty democrats and Mark Zuckerberg’s opinion on ANYTHING.

Facebook knows best and don’t you forget it.

Zuckerberg seems to have a God complex. He thinks he’s the master of the universe even though Obama has already claimed that position.

I’ve seen several climate change posts from Facebook friends that have been censored, even jokes and memes on the global warming fraud. Facebook is really not a legitimate source for anything when they start censoring jokes. 

Zuckerberg and his Facebook nazis have crowned themselves the the arbiters of truth and fighters of misinformation. But they are NOT the unbiased collectors or distributors of facts. They are the opposite. 

And they shouldn’t they be judging anything that we have to say, especially those of us who don’t have public Facebook pages.

I’ve always wanted a better social media platform to use other than Facebook because over the past five years, they haven’t improved anything. Quite the contrary, they “fix” things that didn’t need to be fixed and make things harder for those of us who run company pages and groups.

I have all kinds of issues right now posting for fan pages that I didn’t have in the past. And every once in a while, things just stop working and disappear all together. Facebook is not customer-friendly and there is no way to talk to a human being in any situation or problem that you find yourself in.

I believe Facebook was created to store and sell our information to advertisers. Period. And then Zuckerberg figured out he could use it for the political gain of his leftist friends. Icing on the cake.

And so, to that end, YOUR misinformation must be stopped, you evil Trump supporter!

Rhode Island REP and Democrat David Cicilline who has urged antitrust action against Facebook said, “If it is not already clear, Facebook is not compatible with democracy.”

Amen to that.