The leftist media lies all the time but the one on Tuesday was a real whopper. It’s like they forget that Google exists and that we’ve been awake for the past four years.

The leftist media was all giddy on Tuesday, proclaiming that former South Bend, Indiana Mayor and losing democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg became the first openly gay Cabinet member when he became Transportation Secretary after being confirmed by the Senate 86-13. 


That would be Ric Grenell, who former President Trump appointed to be the Acting Director of National Intelligence in 2020.

Because leftists are only concerned about any milestones that the democrats do and are concerned about WHAT people are (gay, black, etc.) and not what they’re qualified to do, they pushed Pete all day as another “first” for Democrats and ignored Grenell’s position altogether.

Leftist media outlets propelled this narrative forward all day with the help of their friendly Twitter trolls who re-Tweeted the fairy tale for them. When the leftist media finally got caught lying, some of them were shamed into putting a disclaimer on their reports and they had to say that Pete was the first openly gay Cabinet member “nominee” or the first one “confirmed.”

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Although…some still haven’t corrected their lies like this ABC article on the internet that still says in their sub-head “He would be the first openly gay member of the Cabinet.” 

Facts don’t matter to leftists. Marketing does.

Grenell, to his credit, Tweeted out good wishes to Pete. He said, “Congratulations to Pete Buttigieg on becoming the second openly gay member of a President’s Cabinet.”

That’s both humor and class combined.

The leftists now seem to think that saying Pete was confirmed instead of appointed is some sort of great distinction that makes a huge historical difference. 

It doesn’t. Just in their own minds.

They continue to ignore and dismiss any such “firsts” by Republicans. Especially Trump.

In LGBTQnation, when Grenell was appointed by Trump as the first gay person in a cabinet-level position, they basically told everyone that Grenell wasn’t gay enough. They said his LGBTQ advocacy was lackluster and (gulp) he actually liked Mike Pence!!!

Unlike the leftists, Republicans don’t care about WHAT you are. We don’t care what sex you are, what religion you are, or anything else. We just want experienced, competent and non-corrupt people to be in their jobs, whether it’s in corporate America or in the government.

We don’t make a big deal about someone’s “minority” status it because it doesn’t matter to us. It’s not a big deal. It’s expected to happen. If someone is a good worker, who cares about anything else?

And while we’re talking about competency, what exactly are Pete’s qualifications to head up the Transportation Department, be in charge of the nation’s infrastructure, be the steward of $87 billion and oversee 55K+ employees?

I can’t answer that question because the leftist media isn’t asking or answering that question.

All they talk about in their articles is Pete’s plans for the future and his sexual orientation. 

It looks like Buttigieg has his own take on what his job is about and it has little to do with transportation. He is “aligned with Mr. Biden’s goals on climate change, racial justice, job creation and economic recovery” according to the New York Times.

In his confirmation hearings he said wanted to try to “mitigate the effect that transportation policies had historically had on poor and minority communities.”

Say what?

I want bridges that don’t collapse. WTF does climate change and racial justice have to do with that????

At least one Senator, Roger Marshall of Kansas, had the spine to call a space a spade when he said in a statement, “Fixing municipal potholes and managing bus routes in no way equates to what he (Buttigieg) will oversee at DOT. It is troubling that Pete Buttigieg has openly talked about using his post as a pulpit for social agenda items and supports the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline.”

What does Pete’s social agenda have anything to do with making our transportation system safe and efficient?

Guess we’ll have to sit back (in our tiny electric cars) and wait to see how long it’ll take for us to have to pay a national gas tax to offset our evil fossil fuel use.

That will be another “first.” And not a good one.

Biden seems much more concerned about appointing leftist conspirators to help him push the radical social agenda that Obama requires than to actually find qualified people to run the government.

But I have to wonder…what will the leftists talk about when they exhaust all of their “firsts?”

Will they be promoting the first Asian Islamic transexual left-handed cabinet member who wears red shoes on Tuesdays?

It’ll be another great democratic historic milestone.