Conservative pundit Mark Levin said recently on FNC that governing by executive order is reminiscent of the Mussolini regime. Good point, but not far enough.

Regimes like Mussolini’s, and modern day Russia and China, make a very simple bargain with citizens: You can do most anything you want as long as you publicly go along with the regime.

They allow many other sectors of society to remain open and viable. That’s why the Orthodox Church is flourishing in Russia, as Putin wraps himself in its ritual and national identification. That’s why you can get rich in Russia and China as long as you don’t make political waves. Mussolini asked for and got the same deal from Italians for over twenty years in the early 20th century. It’s what the Biden administration and the neoliberal set want for America.

Thus it is not surprising that they do all the can to shut down opposition speech, while welcoming uberwealthy people like John Kerry into their ranks. That’s because Kerry toes the line and is thus allowed, in fact encouraged, to fly to climate conferences in gas guzzling private jets. Hypocrisy? Of course. But who, except for Fox and conservative guerilla media, is going to call Lurch to task?

And when somebody tagged him on it, Kerry sounded like a member of Louis XVI’s entourage, saying, well, aristos like me have to fly this way. Translation: Bite me peasant.

The Mussolini-like goals of the neoliberal set are why Apple, Amazon, Google, Twitter, etc all play ball with Biden. This administration will let them make stratospheric profits and run their firms in any way they see fit, as long as there is no public squawking about any administration policy and PC cultural goals are adhered to.

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But step out of line and you’ll know it quick. Ask Parler, the Pillow Guy, or any bar or restaurant that violates arbitrary virus diktats how that goes. If you dare to challenge prevailing neoliberal orthodoxies, then prepare to pay the price.

Of course, if conservatives had their own set ups some of that could be avoided. That’s why it would be best for America, and certainly for many aspects of the conservative movement, if the immediately former president would put aside any doomed ideas of taking back the White House and focus his influence and cash on setting up a conservative Google or Twitter with its own resources that would safeguard it from neoliberal sanctions and attack.

If not, if the situation gets worse, then a generation from now we will be fat content sheep with new cars and overt restrictions on liberty. In many respects that has already happened. At the very least, we need to stop the expansion of the process.