Attorney and Judge Merrick Garland has been nominated by Joe Biden to be his Attorney General. Mostly, it was done to flip off the Republicans who wouldn’t consider him for the Supreme Court opening when Obama put him up for the job in March of 2016.

His confirmation hearing has been very eye-opening. 

Over and over again, he claimed not to have looked into whatever the issue was that he was being questioned about. That’s an easy way for him to not give an opinion on something.

Is he truly incompetent and unknowledgeable and did absolutely no prep for his confirmation hearings – or is he an Obama stooge trying to hoodwink everyone?

I pick the latter.

Basically, the answers are for him to know and for us to find out after him and Obama are done destroying the country.

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Garland was full of “ums” and telling us he just didn’t know or hadn’t thought about important things that will come under his purview if he’s the Attorney General. False ignorance of the topic was his strategy in answering questions.

When asked by Republican Senator Josh Hawley from Missouri whether illegals crossing the border illegally should remain a crime, he said he hadn’t thought about it. 


So will he obey federal law and prosecute unlawful border crossings? Who the heck knows. He hasn’t thought about it. He said it’s a “question of allocation of resources.”

No, I don’t think so, Judge G. I think it’s a question of following the law and you are unwilling to say if you will do that or not.

Just as horrifying was Garland’s answer on whether Antifa and Black Lives Matter are terrorists. 

Republican Hawley was also the one to ask him an important question of whether Antifa and Black Lives Matter are domestic terrorists considering the fact that they attacked the courthouse in Portland. Garland answered, “So, an attack on a courthouse while in operation — trying to prevent judges from actually deciding cases, that plainly is domestic extremism, uh uh um um uh uh, domestic terrorism. An attack simply on a government property at night, or under any other kind of circumstances, is a clear crime and a serious one, and should be punished.” 

So what about the al-Qaeda terrorists who crashed planes into the Twin Towers on 911? If they crashed into business offices that weren’t open yet, then it wasn’t terrorism, right? 

It was just a clear crime – just property damage and some other things. 

Oh wait… The Twin Towers weren’t government property so the 911 attacks in New York City weren’t terrorism at all whether done during the day or night. Right Garland?

It’s good to know where Garland stands on things. Or doesn’t.

But don’t worry. Garland be on top of all things democrat. 

He’ll make sure the Trump supporting rioters get what they deserve. Non-rioters too probably.

He’ll make sure that the Durham Report never sees the light of day (unless he clears the leftist criminals, of course.)

He’ll make sure dudes can keep going in women’s bathrooms and competing against them in women’s sports. 

He’ll make sure illegals get a break and are free to roam about the country. 

I think Garland will be a good little Obama puppet – and he’ll be every bit as dangerous as Obama’s AG wingman, Eric Holder. 

The Rino Republicans need to stop this guy from getting anywhere near the Attorney General’s office. He’s far more dangerous to our country than Office of Management and Budget Director nominee Neera Tanden which some Republicans oppose because of past social media posts.

But if the Rinos let him slide into the AG position – which is quite probable with Mitch McConnell’s support

– I’m sure we can all take heart from Garland’s comforting words when he promised to do his best as Attorney General. 

So what could possibly go wrong?