The leftists are able to lie about who they are and what they are doing 24/7 because they have the leftist media on their side. 

Perception is reality.

So along the way, among a zillion other of their lies, they came up with the Russia hoax that Trump colluded with Putin to win the 2016 election. 

They told us that Trump built “cages” for illegal aliens but it was Obama who did it.

They lied about Trump being racist.

They lied about Trump being a dictator when he actually adhered to the Constitution much more than expected, including not using the pandemic to rule over us unconstitutionally like Joe Biden has. And Joe is the one operating a police state in DC right now.

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They lied that Trump said all Mexicans were rapists.

They lied about the amount of people showing up at Trump’s rallies.

They lied about Trump obstructing justice when he fired FBI Director James Comey.

They lied that Trump called Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville “very fine people.”

They lied that Trump called Veterans losers.

They told us there was no voter fraud in the 2020 election without doing any investigation into it whatsoever and ignored the unconstitutional voting law changes done without state legislative approval that propelled democrats to victory.

And these are also the same people who say that men can call themselves women and go into female locker rooms and bathrooms.

Reality is not a place where democrats live in.

If it was a new day and the sun rose, there was another Trump lie (usually dozens) being spread by the democrats and their leftist media friends. 

Going after Trump every day with their lies was their modus operandi for four years.

Lies are still their modus operandi.

Now these same nut jobs are calling on Biden to appoint a Reality Czar with a task force to coordinate a response by the Federal Government to fight “disinformation.” 

Not surprisingly, the concept of a Reality Czar was brought up by the New York Times, who shouldn’t even be in business anymore after they hid the Holocaust from the American people.

New York Times writer Kevin Roose is looking for government censorship from the Bidenator because of all of the hoaxes, lies and collective delusions out in the world (none from democrats of course).

He says that the chaotic information ecosystem jeopardizes national unity. 

Newsflash: We don’t want to unite with you, Kevin.

Roose believes that Biden needs to treat Republican speech as urgent threats and talked to a “number of experts” about what the ObamaHarrisBiden administration can do to fix our truth-challenged information system.

Several of the leftist experts said a Reality Czar was needed. A coordinated effort to censor Republicans.

So there’s the truth.

And then there’s democrat truth. Which is no truth at all.

I don’t want to live in democrat truth, thanks anyway. 

I prefer to know what’s really going on and not be manipulated with lies from politicians in Washington DC who only care about personal power and money.

Elected democrats are Constitution-ignorers and the First Amendment is one of their least favorite amendments. They absolutely detest the freedom of speech.

And they certainly don’t understand plain english where the Constitution says that Congress can’t abridge freedom of speech. 

But that won’t stop their ongoing efforts to censor every political enemy that they can get their hands on.