The sicko leftists, as part of their ongoing effort to eradicate anything and anyone having to do with Trump, are currently trying to destroy the career of a neonatal nurse, Instagram influencer and “mommy blogger” because she (egads!) donated to Donald Trump. And she did it more than once!

Vox and some other leftists are going after Cara Dumaplin because her and her hubby donated about $2,000 to President Trump when he was running for president. 

Oh, the horror!

Leftist website Salon is encouraging her blacklisting too.

Dumaplin’s online company “Taking Cara Babies” has been helping new mothers get their babies to sleep since 2013. But do leftists care about babies? We already know that the answer to this is a big N-O.

Dear psycho leftists… Guess what? 

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There are Trump supporting pilots who are flying you around in planes. 

There are Trump supporting doctors who are performing your surgeries.

There are Trump supporting people giving you COVID-19 vaccines. 

There are Trump supporting helicopter pilots picking up your worthless backside when your city has a flood and you are standing on the roof of your house trying to survive.

There are Trump supporting veterinarians saving your cats and dogs when you rush your pet to them in an emergency because your baby was hit by a car.

But I think that we should start denying you service.

You are doing everything that you can to destroy our careers and our lives so we need to return the favor.

So tit-for-tat, I would like to help you out so that every single person in the United States is identified by political party and by doing so, we all can make decisions based entirely on politics.

I know that’s your goal and I’d like to help you achieve it.

In the spirit of the unity that Joe Biden is calling for, let me give you the opportunity to make all of your dreams come true.

Since WE are freedom loving constitutionalists and don’t support what the Germans did to the Jewish people, we will not wear any sort of identification badge. 

However, you guys just love that kind of oppressive communist crap so you are free to VOLUNTARILY wear a democratic arm band and also have all of your democratic-owned and run business have a sign on your stores and a badge on your website and social media pages so that we know who you are.

Please go for it.

I know it sounds a bit Nazi-like but that’s where you’re headed. 

And if you do it voluntarily, I see no problem with it. It’s pro-choice.

You are currently displaying Nazi-like behavior with your tyrannical rule, censorship, information manipulation, police state in DC, blacklisting and so on. 

Therefore, I think you need to go all-in and really carry it out to the next obvious step.

So go ahead and take your intolerant BS psychotic hatred of Trump, Trump supporters and all things Republican and start making your democratic ID badges, signs and arm bands so that we know who you are.

That way, we don’t need to send Trump supporting firemen and women to your house when it’s on fire.

That way, a Trump supporting police officer doesn’t need to stop and help you out on the side of the road after you’ve had a car accident.

We don’t have to hire you for jobs, give you a Big Mac when you go through the drive-thru or save your grandmother’s life in the nursing home.

Please identify yourself as soon as possible so we can join in with your psychotic hatred of anything having to do with the opposing political party and we can act accordingly.