The movie “Groundhog Day” which came out in 1993 had actor Bill Murray playing Phil Connors, a weatherman who woke up and re-lived the same day over and over again. He was trapped in a time loop where he had to keep re-living February 2nd where he had to cover Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

Just like Biden and the rest of his democrat friends who can’t stand the American people in fly-over country, Connors had disdain for the small town hicks who live there.

And just like democrats, Connors used his new powers to his own advantage because he has no consequences to pay for anything he did. 

As the movie progresses, Connors falls in love with a woman who tells him to use his situation as a blessing and not a curse to help people and become a better person.

Unlike Connors, the democrats will never actually turn over a new leaf and do what’s best for the country. No happy ending with Obama in charge.

When you are trying to destroy your own country for personal benefit and unlimited political power, you have to keep pushing forward while telling the American people that you are trying to help them and do what’s best for them. 

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Obama has always been very good at that.

Now he can go about his plans full force by pulling the strings of the Biden puppet.

Poor Obama couldn’t really be as radical as he wanted during his two-term presidency because he didn’t really want to be the face of the destruction of the country. 

So he kept smiling and made sure his pleated pants looked nice while behind the scenes he was dismantling our country. He gave it his best shot.

Then unfortunately for him, Donald Trump came along and decimated most of what Obmaa had done, only leaving a few of Barry’s things in place like parts of the Affordable Care Act.

Obama’s legacy was fading away fast because we had a president who wanted to put America and the American citizens first.

Panic set in. Obama, Hilary and their corrupt friends like commie John Brennan, Obama’s former CIA director, started their new hobby of spying on and participating in a coup against President Trump.

Amazingly, Trump was still able to get an enormous amount of things done for the American people, shoring up our national defense; overseeing a huge economic boom (before the pandemic), helping our veterans; not starting any new wars; fighting illegal immigration and much more.

In the face of adversity, Trump pushed back against fake impeachments, fake news, lies, lawsuits and whatever else the democrats and leftist media threw at him. In the end, it was a stolen election from unconstitutional election law changes that didn’t go through the legislatures and other shenanigans that took Trump down because nothing else had worked for the democrats.

This led to the election of a feckless 78-year-old with signs of dementia who is a placeholder for the the real President that Obama has chosen to finish off the United States – Kamala Harris.

Now, every day is Groundhog Day for the American people with a flurry of Executive Orders coming one after another from a president who has no idea what he is signing day to day. 

To Biden, it’s Groundhog Day every day as well as his handlers put a pen in his hand and tell him to sign what’s in front of him over and over again.

Every day, a different Executive Order. Several, in fact.

Every day, new ways to destroy America. 

Energy independence, our national security, our freedoms…

All on the chopping block under the Obama/Harris administration.

Regardless of what day it is, the intentions of the democrats is to leave a permanent shadow on the American people so that we can’t escape the heavy hand of the government.