Dear leftists: I hate to tell you this, but Conservatives, Trump supporters and Principled Republicans are NOT going anywhere. 

You can keep playing your games to paint us all as extremist domestic terrorists but we don’t care about your opinions. Our Trump flags will still fly. 

We will stand for the National Anthem and continue to publicly love and support our country, the military and the police. 

America first.

We were here long before Trump and we will be here long after.

Police-loving military-supporting Constitution-loving Republicans are NOT going anywhere.

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Conservatives are NOT going anywhere. 

God-loving free speech-loving gun owners are NOT going anywhere.

So you can de-platform us, try to get us fired, censor us, “expose” us and work on your little Hitler plans to deprogram us, but you are wasting your time.

If we need to, we’ll communicate by email, fax, phone, CB radio, walkie-talkies, letters and local meetings.

Our movement is one of a lifestyle and ideology. It’s something we actually live and incorporate into our real lives.

We support the Constitution, freedom, liberty, the police, the military, Israel, law and order, REAL fairness, REAL equality, governmental deregulation, a strong border, low taxes, individual responsibility and the right to free speech and gun ownership.

We will not wake up someday and say, “You know what. The leftists are right. Communism is great. I really wish they’d over-tax me even more and take away the Bill of Rights and tell me where to go and what to do everyday.”

So you can try to remove us from the military and police departments and “dismantle the radicalization pipeline” that a recent Axios article recommends to but you will NOT be successful.

This country has fought wars over less than what you are trying to do to the country. 

The only reason you are currently successful in your endeavors to destroy the foundation of the country is a good marketing plan, a complicit media and a stolen election.

But that won’t last forever. Your policies suck and people will figure that out.

So as you keep talking about deprogramming us, you’ll only embarrass yourself and bring out comparisons to Nazis. 

It is because you think you won a fair election (you did not) and have the American public on your side (you do not), that you are now unafraid to tell it like it is and admit who you really are. And I think that is absolutely FABULOUS.

Please continue to expose yourself. And do it often.

Axios recently published a story called “How to deprogram America’s extremists.” 

I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if their next story was something like, “How to build indoctrination camps for Trump supporters.”

In their communist manifesto, Axios suggests that “extremists” need to be kept out of the institutions where they do the greatest damage like the military, police departments and legislatures. And secondly, help needs to be provided for those who have embraced “dangerous” ideologies.

Oh, please dear leftist, do you have a pill for me that I can take? A special class? Please make me right again and be able to have the ability to accept communist tyrannical oppression from the democrat party.

The experts interviewed by Axios continue to push censorship by the tech companies as one of their biggest weapons in the fight against conservatives. That’s because leftists can’t win any arguments. Their ideas suck.

And, as mentioned above, conservatives need to be routed out of places of power. Axios says that a “key part of breaking extremists’ rising mainstream influence will be making it unacceptable for white nationalists, anti-government extremists and conspiracy theorists to serve in the military, in police forces or as lawmakers.”

No more right-wing conservative conspiracy theory opinions about the Constitution, voter fraud and law and order will be allowed. No more freedom of speech. Former FBI counterterrorism analyst Clint Watts said “At DOD, it will go well and they will quash it (extremism).” 

He’s also worried about local Sheriffs’ Departments because they are (egads!) elected by the people. Maybe the leftists will work on changing that too. States rights are way overrated. Having elections on the local level should just be abolished altogether. We can save all of that election money if democrats could just appoint the Sheriffs that they want.

So what more can be done to go after us evil Trump folks? All kinds of things are taking shape. The leftists can refuse us bank loans, they can censor us, get us fired, they can track our phones and internet searches. Whatever it takes. Everything is on the table with Obama in charge.

The experts at Axios also suggest putting us in anti-extremism counseling programs and support groups.

Support groups?! Cool! I can meet more Trump supporters to conspire with!

They want education programs at work and schools to identify “risks” and “signs” of radicalization. Note to leftists: You will have to get your democratic governors and teachers unions to actually go back to school in order to get this done.

The experts also suggest rehabilitation organizations for us. 

I wonder… Will there be bacon? Free chocolate? A $2000 monthly stipend? What kind of amenities will be offered? I’d like to check that out.

Christian Piccolini, founder of the Free Radicals Project, wants a 1-800 line for people to call and report us to. It would also offer “local resources” for their Trump supporting loved ones.

Axious concludes that “serious resources” are needed (money) to fight their political enemies. There needs to be private and public-private programs to flush out the Trump supporters. 

Ding-ding, attention Bernie: your supporters, donors and voters need more money please!

I would normally call on my Trump-supporting readers to “fight” against this insanity but then I’d be labeled an insurrectionist. 

I do, however, have some “expert” advice on how the leftists can deprogram themselves. 

Read the Constitution.

It’s not going anywhere and neither are we.