The democrats and their leftist media friends, as you know, have an obsession with Donald Trump. They’ve had this obsession from the very beginning when he came down the escalator and announced his run to be President. 

As someone who supported Ted Cruz in the primary, I was incredulous (and pissed off) that the media covered Trump incessantly, mostly ignoring all of the other Republican candidates. 

Granted, the other 73 candidates were boring as Hell but they couldn’t get any coverage at all unless Trump went after them or they poked the bear and got into a squabble with him.

Cruz finally got a few moments in the spotlight when Orange Man Bad insinuated that Ted’s wife was ugly and implied his dad was involved with the Kennedy assassination. 

And we all remember Trump’s cute nicknames for everyone – there was Lyin’ Ted, Low Energy Jeb and Little Marco. The nicknames gave those three candidates some good airtime although I think that Crooked Hillary and Crazy Bernie were the best names that Trump came up with.

Because the media was obsessed with Trump, they were the ones who allowed him to become a force to be reckoned with.

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Then, after Trump became President much to their shock and disgust, there was a full court press trying to destroy him, paint him as a racist and Russian co-conspirator, and Obama did his best to get rid of him in his attempted coup against 45. 

We got to listen to four years of lies about the President and hateful rhetoric from democrats on Twitter 24/7. 

They were stuck in a vortex of lies and hate and they brainwashed the public into following their Trump hate cult. They woke up with TDS every morning and went to bed with it every night. 

Their addiction to Trump hate was unprecedented. It was disease that flowed through their veins and apparently can’t be cured or curtailed any more than COVID-19.

You would think that after winning the Presidency, House and most of the Senate that they’d sit back and relax and possibly… oh, I don’t know… run the country?

But instead of actually moving on, lowering the temperature and quelling their quest for blood and revenge, they’re going full steam ahead on all things Trump.

First, they decided to go right into Fake Impeachment 2.0 even though they knew they didn’t have the votes and Trump ended up acquitted for the second time. 

The impeachment trial wasted some Senate time and time on the airwaves where the media could have talked glowingly about Biden destroying the energy sector and letting illegals into the country with no coronavirus tests being done.

Celebrities, social media influencers and scandal-plagued leftists like the Lincoln Project can’t stop talking about Trump either. It’s their bread and butter for money and attention.

And the lawsuits are coming out again as well as the democrats initiating a 9/11-style commission to investigate the January 6th attacks on the Capitol.

I’m surprised we haven’t had any fake new sexual harassment charges come up in the last few weeks against Trump. Maybe they are done with those.

What’s obvious is that the democrats don’t intend to let Trump go. 

But it’s a win-win for them.

Trump keeps the democrats united, he keeps the public distracted from what Biden is up to and Trump Derangement Syndrome keeps the leftists in their hate zone, a place that they refuse to leave.

Revenge against Trump will keep the leftists and their supporters all very busy for the next four years (and everyone else distracted) while the ObamaHarrisBiden administration destroys the country.