If you, like me, have the unlucky task of watching the impeachment trial because of your job, or perhaps masochism, then you witnessed an interesting phenomenon on Wednesday.

Democrat House impeachment managers, whose party has thrown insults at law enforcement for generations even up to last year’s leftist urban riots, are now suddenly really big fans of cops. Probably, because Capitol Police saved their hides from throngs of moonshine-addled morons on January 6th.

Since the 60s the favorite Democrat way to refer to a police officer has been “pig.” Last year all we heard is that law enforcement was racist, brutal, and fascist. Every time a law enforcement officer tried to do their job some Democrat or leftist media clone was there to protect the miscreant. But let the miscreants threaten Congress, then it’s a different story.

It recalls part of Kipling’s 1890 poem “Tommy.” The name was a moniker for British soldiers.

“…For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an` Chuck him out, the brute! “
But it’s ” Saviour of ‘is country ” when the guns begin to shoot…”

Another fascinating aspect of Wednesday’s trial was the amazing solicitude Democrats held, for themselves. Yes, there was talk about how the attack on the capitol threatened the rule of law and the democratic process. Fair enough. But Democrat speaker after speaker, lips quivering, informed the country how scared they were and how their main thought was to hide and save themselves. Interestingly, no Democrat elected official got off the ground and joined law enforcement officers at the barricades. No Democrat elected official tried to support law enforcement in any way. They cowered while others did the fighting for them. Well of course, it’s the Democrat way. And they seem to have been crying and calling home exaggerating the threat so as to get drama points. By their presentations on Wednesday, they seem to think we shared in their overripe concern for congressional dignity.

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Apparently they feel those of us watching at home thought, “Oh! Those poor precious members of Congress. What ever will they do?!”

Not quite. No sane person wanted anyone hurt or the Capitol vandalized. But the emphasis and concern should have been for the Capitol Police officers on the line against the rioters, not on how frightened Democrats were.

The entire Wednesday Democrat show and tell was an exercise in a political pivot. Democrats who last year loved riots now deplore them. Democrats who recently reviled Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence now use them to make points and call them patriots. Granted, as both are. Democrats who for generations have been spitting on cops and calling them pigs and much worse now herald their bravery and mourn their fallen. All to score impeachment points. Soon, the Democrats will be back to their old tricks.