Democrats don’t live in reality. They have decided that they need power but we don’t. Literally.

Their climate change religion was started by Al Gore to profit off carbon credits and has turned into a global strategy to tank capitalism and enrich the powerful elites.

To that end, the democrats do what they can to limit our energy independence. It’s no skin off their back if we are dependent on the terrorists in the Middle East for our fossil fuel needs.

They do their best to get rid of our stable energy sources in the United States that provide for thousands of jobs and replace them with costly and unreliable solar and wind power.

Democrats (including Biden in his latest Executive Orders) and are only too happy to throw our energy independence out the window so they can start legislating control over businesses and individuals with their climate change rules originally started by Mr. Hope and Change himself.

However, Texas doesn’t seem to be faring too well this week under democratic hope and change.

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According to the Austin American-Statesman, due to ice and bad weather, nearly half of Texas’ installed wind power generation capacity was offline on Monday because of frozen turbines in West Texas.

The leftist media won’t report exactly how many people were and are effected by this, of course. 

If it was Trump-supported nuclear power that was taking a dump, you’d know exactly how many people were affected, their medical conditions, their middle names and their ages.

The frozen wind turbines in Texas are just another example of asinine democratic policies. That’s something they are very good at. Doing asinine things regardless of cost, common sense or any real-world facts.  

The plan to eliminate natural gas, coal and oil is asinine and everyone knows it. Even the democrats.

Unfortunately, it looks like Texas just didn’t have enough man-made global warming to keep all the turbines going. 

How will the democrats explain this cool down?

Oh, it’s just another consequence of climate change, of course. 

Snow, hot weather, tornadoes hurricanes… It’s ALL from man-man climate change and everyone (except John Kerry) needs to stop flying around in airplanes and driving their big SUVs in order to save the world. Don’t you feel guilty for destroying the planet? This is YOUR fault.

But don’t worry. The democrats are here to rescue us.

Climate change policy is one of Biden’s priorities and he will make everything better. The earth will heal. It might be at our expense but that’s okay.

You can look forward to riding horses to work and using lamp oil, firewood and moonlight for heat and light because God forbid we have actual energy sources that we can depend on during a democratic administration.

Or politicians.