Trump did a great job with Operation Warp Speed, getting vaccines developed and distributed to the states at the speed of light, years ahead of what usually happens. 

It’s most likely the reason why COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations and deaths are currently going down across the country. 

It’s been reported that cases have gone down 77% and only 9% of hospital beds in the United States are currently filled with COVID-19 patients.

After Trump got vaccines distributed, the states were in charge of who got the vaccine shipped to them and they decided how it was going to be put into the arms of those who needed it.

Democratic Governors have been a dismal failure in the vaccination effort, Michigan especially. But that is because they are working too hard trying to figure out how to get them to their favorite zip codes instead of the seniors and elderly who needed them the most.

The CDC says that 8 out of 10 COVID-19 deaths reported in the United States have been adults 65 years and older. That’s 80%. And their hospitalizations are obviously higher as well for that age group.

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In Michigan, of the 15,359 people who have died of COVID-19, 22% of them were black. 67% were white. And 90% of them who died were 60 years-old or older. 

That’s pretty good data and science for an unbiased un-partisan Governor to look at when deciding who should get vaccines but that doesn’t jive with Whitmer’s criteria for vaccination distribution which is dependent on her formula of race, income and other factors.

California is another example of a vaccine distribution failure to the senior population – and really everyone in the state. The breakdown of California to distribute vaccines efficiently is now being tasked to insurer Blue Shield – however it looks like you’re out of luck getting one if you’re a middle income white elderly person. The vaccines are going to be an “equitable” distribution just like in Michigan.

These sicko democratic Governors are running the vaccine programs by politics, not science or data and will continue to distribute their vaccines based on their political agenda and where their voters live instead of getting the most vulnerable senior populations vaccinated.

When the Michigan county health departments finally get the vaccines from Whitmer’s discriminatory formula, then they have to figure out what to do with the little amount of vaccines and many seniors and elderly are still waiting for them.

Elderly people, for some reason, seem to be targets of destruction for the democratic party lately. First they sent COVID-19 patients into nursing homes and now they’re not prioritizing them to get their vaccines.

Some have speculated that the democrats are trying to get rid of seniors because they are economic burdens who are on Social Security and Medicare. 

Others have wondered if the Democratic Governors are targeting them because seniors tend to be Republican voters.

Regardless of their reasons, the democrats have shown to be apathetic about the seniors who are suffering under their rules and tyranny – and there don’t seem to be any signs of things changing.

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, unlike the Democratic Governors, made sure to protect his elderly populations in nursing homes from the very onset of the pandemic. He has also made it a priority to make sure seniors 65 and older get the vaccine.

Leftists, of course, are having a fit about what he’s doing because the elderly people getting the vaccines might be “rich” or white people and that’s just not fair.

Democratic Governors are currently at a loss of who to blame for the vaccine shortages without Trump in charge. They have to come up with their own excuses for being failures – so some of them have been blaming the weather and some are even dumping on Biden as a last resort to save their own skins.

Some Democratic Governors even wrote Biden a letter to tell him that he needs better coordination between the federal government and the states to prevent confusion and duplicative efforts.

Others with extreme TDS are still trying to blame Trump even though the vaccine roll-out started more than two months ago. 

There are 16 million of the 72.4 million vaccine doses distributed by the federal government that haven’t been used yet and somehow, that’s Trump’s fault even though the vaccines started going out in mid-December.

Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, of course, is one of the Governors trying not to take any responsibility for his states’ vaccination woes. Last week he said, “We need coordination between the federal government and the state government so we know what pharmacies they’re sending to.”

So Biden’s not doing his job, Cuomo? 

While the blame game continues to go back and forth between the Democrats, the seniors continue to wait for weeks or months to get their vaccines.