So it looks like there are ten Republicans who wanted to make some sort of coronavirus relief deal with the Democrats. But alas, after their two hour meeting with Joe Biden, there was not a deal to be had. That’s because democrats were never willing to negotiate in the first place.

However, Biden “listened” to them so everyone was happy. That’s a win for these idiotic Republicans.

I bet you can guess who many of these Republican Senators were. Let’s see, always at the top of the list are Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Mitt Romney. Joining them were Bill Cassidy, Rob Portman, Todd Young, Shelley Moore Capito, Jerry Moran, Michael Rounds and Thom Tillis.

A letter signed by the above Republicans to Joe Biden asked for “unity” and the opportunity to work in a bipartisan manner to combat the COVID-19 virus and “provide continued support to families struggling during the pandemic.”

Apparently to Republicans, providing continued support to families means taking another $400 out of our stimulus checks so that we only get $1000 – and they also moved the goalposts so that less people would the check.

This article is not a debate on whether we should even be getting the checks at all to begin with. That’s another discussion.

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What I’m talking about here is marketing, the branding of the RNC, optics and the total idiocy of the Republican party.

The democrats can get away with that kind of crap, reducing the amount of our stimulus checks from $2000 to $1400 because they have the media to cover their rear ends. Republicans don’t have that.

Republicans didn’t even get much credit for the letter they wrote to Biden. The leftist media has headlines that said “Biden Invites 10 GOP Senators to White House To Discuss Smaller COVID-19 Relief Proposal” and the expected headline from the New York Times which was “GOP Senators Aiming to Shrink Recovery Package Meet with Biden.”

I could have told them that the only spin by the leftist media about the meeting (or after the meeting) was going to be about how the Republicans don’t want to help Americans as much as the Democrats do.

And, of course, the media made Biden out to be the magnanimous one who invited the Republicans over to the White House – and the evil Republicans only wanted to talk about giving schools, businesses and individuals less money to help during the pandemic. 

The Republicans lost this fight before they even showed up at the White House because the democrats will always pounce on Republican efforts and paint them as heartless.

So instead of letting the democrats shove their trillions of trillions of COVID-19 “relief” through all by themselves with Bernie Sanders reconciliation plan, the Republicans prefer to be a part of their insanity.

The Republicans are either clueless or just don’t care about optics. They are played every time.

This is why, when there are actually fair elections, the Republicans often lose them if they don’t have a conservative candidate with a spine who can push back against Democratic BS.

No one wants to vote for a squishy Republican who can’t stand up for our values and who wants to work with the democrats in a bipartisan fashion.

Unlike Trump, most Republicans don’t fight back and after decades of this behavior, we’re sick of it.

Heads up Republicans…

We don’t want Republicans to be bipartisan with corruption, fascism and evil. 

Otherwise, we’d elect democrats. 

Republicans don’t win elections by being Democrat-lite.

At the end of all of the fake unity that Biden has talked about, the democrats will do what they want to do and spend what they want to spend and the Gang of Ten will end up being a joke. And so will the next Gang of Ten.

If the Republicans want to lose more elections, they should keep reaching out to help the democrats pass things in a bipartisan way.