Coca-Cola is no longer the Real Thing. It’s the Racist Thing.

A few weeks ago, talk show host Glenn Beck went on a rant to warn everyone about Coca-Cola’s new rules where they are imposing racial quotas on their outside counsel staff.

It was made known in January that Coca-Cola announced that “at least 30% of each of billed associate and partner time will be from diverse attorneys” and of such amounts at least half will be from black attorneys.

It appears that this new mandate was not a stand-alone thing. Their racial justice opinions are all over their website and now they’ve been caught giving lessons to their staff on how to “be less white.”

Over the weekend, Coca-Cola was exposed for their LinkedIn-based training for their staff. The training includes telling their employees that to be less white is to “be less oppressive, be less arrogant, be less certain, be less defensive, be less ignorant, be more humble, listen, believe, break with apathy, break with white solidarity.”

So, according to Coca-Cola, if you are white, it means that you are all of these things, no ifs ands or buts. 

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And if they feel that way about their staff, then they also feel that way about YOU, their customer.

After getting caught, Coca-Cola is now saying that the training wasn’t mandatory and that they were merely “providing access” to the information. The slides came from Robin DiAngelo’s Confronting Racism” videos. DiAngelo is also the author of “White Fragility,” a book she released during the summer to take advantage of racial strife. It calls on white people to take responsibility for “relinquishing their own racial supremacy.”

The slides have now ben taken down from LinkedIn after Coca-Cola got threats of boycotts because of what they were doing.

This race-baiting against whites (although mostly aimed at Republicans) started with the presidency of Obama, continued through Trump’s presidency and it’s going anywhere under white elderly presidential puppet, Joe Biden.

It’s obviously a winning strategy for the Democrat party so they’ll be keeping it up as long as it’s beneficial to them.

So why would Coca-Cola even want oppressive, arrogant, certain, defensive, ignorant pompous white people drinking their product?

Don’t worry, Coca-Cola. I won’t be anymore. It’s taken decades to get me off of your products because I love caffeine and sugar. But you certainly have figured out how to help me kick the habit so thanks. I’m sure I’ll be much healthier now and sleep better through the night.

Coca-Cola’s views on social justice from the scared white and pandering CEO, James Quincey, can be seen on his website where he discusses his thoughts on his company’s involvement in advocating and investing in social justice.

When the information about Coca-Cola teaching their staff to be less white first showed up on the internet over the weekend, even after all the leftists have been doing lately, this seemed like a bridge too far. My Conservative friends and family were posting, “Is this real?”

Yes, it’s real. Although I’m sure Facebook will be censoring us from posting about it soon.

Reform UK party leader Nigel Farage was incredulous and said that this is another example of the corporate world losing their marbles. He said the inference is clear. That white is bad. That white means supremacist and that you look down your noses at everyone else. White means you are guilty.

The leftists are engaging in the very racism they always rail against. But they get away with it because they tell us that only whites can be racist. 

However, when you judge people only by race, make assumptions about them and treat people differently, that’s racist no matter what the leftists say.

Screenshots of the racist Coca Cola required training can be seen here from a whistleblower inside of the company (who is not white, by the way).

Leftists don’t want equality. They want equity, special treatment, reparations and payback for certain segments of the population. That’s the current trajectory that the leftists are on and the movement includes many corporations too scared to reject it. They have to come out with social justice policies and donate to social justice causes or they will be canceled.

These racist leftists are definitely not people who want a harmonious universe nor do they believe in the message of Martin Luther King Jr. But that’s because this is all political to benefit the democrat movement. 

I remember Martin Luther King Jr. delivering a very moving speech where he talked about wanting his children to be judged on the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

The demoncrats number one judgement of people is about skin color.

But unlike these bigoted people, MLK Jr. looked forward to a day “when all of God’s children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands…”

Hm… it doesn’t sound like he would be on board with anti-racism racism.

What would happen if Coca-Cola told their staff to be less black? I’m pretty sure they’d be canceled permanently.

Everyday, you can see that racism is alive and well all over the United States thanks to to the democrats and their leftist friends. They are no different than they were back when they were the pro-slavery KKK party. They’re just going about things a different way to keep up the race war.

It was the Republicans who led the Civil Rights Acts, Reconstruction, and anti-lynching laws. 

The Democrat party was the party aligned with the KKK, Jim Crow Laws and Margaret Sanger. 

Their racist party hasn’t changed much in their opinions that black people are “lesser than” and need the white hand of the democrat to help them out.

To know if something is racist, all you have to do is replace the leftists use of the word “white” for “black” and see how you feel about it.

And don’t think that Pepsi is a place to jump to when you stop drinking Coke or Sprite because Pepsi has caved to the social justice warriors too.

But this isn’t just about Coca Cola. Critical race theory and racism against whites is everywhere. It’s at companies, it’s in the government, and it’s infiltrating the schools through classroom lessons.

And they keep up the race baiting every day, even calling the board game Monopoly racist because prices were based on segregated Atlantic City in the 1930’s.

By constantly calling out fake racism, they make a mockery of any real racial issues that are happening in the country.

So my only advice to you for right now is to drink water. It’s better for you anyway.