Seems like most people would know by now what is coming from the ObamaHarrisBiden administration. 

It’s going to be bad. It’s already bad.

They’re going to do what they want to do because they have control of all four branches of government – the House, the Senate, the presidency and the deep state bureaucracy.

Does anyone REALLY think Obama and his friends did all the spying on Trump and the Republicans, went through the Russia hoax, set up a coup against Trump, set up two impeachment trials and rigged the 2020 election just to sit back and be moderate and not implement all of their radical plans? 

Heck no. 

They are not even going to be as “moderate” as they were during Obama’s eight year tenure.

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They’re going to go for it. Big time. They are all in. It’s going to be massive and fast.

Every leftist dream they’ve ever had is going to be carried out except for the small pockets of resisting states who push back for constitutionality issues. 

It’s now or never for the leftists because they have everything in place to achieve their goals.

It’s a new day and anything you had thought or currently think would never happen is going to happen no matter how crazy, un-American or destructive to the country it may be.

And they’re going to destroy every Conservative they can along the way and try to shut down free speech so that we can’t speak out against them. 

Peaceful protests by conservatives will be labeled as insurrection and we will be called racists, right-wing extremists and domestic terrorists.

For years, talk show host Glenn Beck has been warning about what’s coming. I will admit that I thought he was a little nutty back during his Fox News days. And I quit listening to him during his anti-Trump period. And most of what he said was downright scary and hard to listen to if he was telling the truth.

But Beck has been proven right on just about everything. His timing has been off a bit but yes, a lot of his dire predictions have come true. 

Beck understands the leftists. Once you understand them, you can predict what they will do. And we need to take them at their word because they’ll usually tell us what they are going to do.

On Friday’s show, Glenn Beck had on Bill O’Reilly as a guest, as he usually does on Fridays. Beck talked with him about the prospect of losing our Second Amendment rights and the federalization of elections.

Beck said to O’Reilly, “HR 127 has been introduced for gun registration and looking into it it provides for the licensing for all firearms and all ammo…purchases and possession. The registration of not only the owners but also the registration of where the gun is kept. It will prohibit possession of certain ammunition, a psych test to be able to purchase a gun and the registration for the location of the firearm…”

O’Reilly pushed back and said, “Absolutely no chance that passes. It’s unconstitutional and it won’t pass. Always keep in mind that one of the pluses of having Trump as president for four years are the three Supreme Court picks and also in the Senate you got Joe Manchin the democrat will never in a million years will vote for it.”

Beck moved on with, “Okay, how about this one, HR 1, For The People’s Act, federalizes all elections, again unconstitutional…but when do they care about that…”

O’Reilly was dismissive again. He said, “It’s not going to happen…There’s no reason to get upset about it…”

Beck continued, “It prohibits signature certification… (it has) auto voter registration…”

O’Reilly continued to dismiss Beck’s concerns by saying, ”Ok, Beck…I know, I know…I could draw some stupid thing up. Its not gonna happen. But people get all upset and they lose sight of what IS happening. What’s really happening.”

Beck asked, “So what IS really happening besides a hostile takeover of our country?”

O’Reilly answer, “There is a very strong movement to take freedom of expression away from individual Americans.”

Beck agreed, “That’s part of it, yes.:

O’Reilly said, “That’s REALLY happening.”

Beck said, “Yes it is.”

After the discussion, Beck said to his audience and his staff incredulously “Anyone else find that frustrating?”

Beck went on to explain that he feels very strongly about the direction of things like he had at one other time in the past and asked everyone to concentrate on what is to come and what is happening now. He said that everyone has their part to play.

O’Reilly doesn’t seem to understand the new country we’re living in and that the leftists will do what they have to do to get what they want.

It was years and years of this very type of denial that O’Reilly has that has led us to where we are today. 

Elected Republicans have never taken the Democrats seriously about what their plans are and have never adequately fought against the ideology that they push on people in schools, entertainment, the media and every other place they have control of. They didn’t take Obama seriously when he said he wanted to transform America.

The Republicans had never been able to adequately explain what is at stake when the democrats are in charge.

Until Trump came along. 

With two phrases, he was able to simply define our movement and what was needed. 

Make America Great Again and America First.

That was all we wanted. It’s all we ever wanted.

As amazing as that seems, leftists push back against both of those things. It’s not what they want.

Democrats do things at the expense of our country in order to amass power and wealth for themselves and Republicans were not willing or able to stop them most of the time. 

Leftist don’t want a strong economy, a strong military, low unemployment or anything that improves the lives of Americans. 

No, no, that goes against their doctrine of the country sucking and only they can make things better (and never do). So they promise free handouts to solve problems. Handouts to their voters, donors, supporters, friends and family.

We had enough of that.

That’s why Trump was elected. 

We needed a fighter to push back against the idiocy and lies of the left and they couldn’t stand it. They couldn’t stand being exposed and they couldn’t stand not getting their way.

There were two obvious clues that showed us what is to come. 

One was (is) the democratic perpetual emergency powers to unconstitutionally lock down the states, destroy jobs, businesses and lives along the way. To control us into eternity in any way they want.

The second was the formation of the democrat party’s new Black Lives Matter military branch that could be called upon whenever needed to back them up.

O’Reilly really needs to wake up and live in reality so he’s ready for political battle.

Bad things are coming and there are two things we can to do: prepare and push back. 

The leftists are serious about their radical America last agenda and need to be treated as such.