By now you know that Trump has been acquitted after his second impeachment trial. 

Under the Constitution, it never should have been started to begin with. At a normal trial, the whole thing would have been laughed out of court.

The Constitution clearly states that impeachment is about removal from office and Trump is no longer President. 

The Constitution also clearly states that the Chief Justice shall preside over the trial, not a partisan Democrat. The trial had no judge.

Then there’s the fact that Trump was charged in the Article of Impeachment for Inciting an Insurrection. An Insurrection that never happened because none of the people at the Capitol on January 6th have been charged or convicted of insurrection.

Add to that whole farce that just about every step of the way, the democrats allowed no due process and were fraudulently entering “evidence.” 

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So I grabbed a copy of the Constitution – which I seem to do regularly with the democrats in charge. 

I read it again to sure it hadn’t changed and looked for any new asterisks that allowed former President Trump to be treated any differently or have less rights in his trial than any one of us.


Nevertheless, Trump still ended up getting less less rights in his trial than I would get if I was charged with stealing a candy bar or speeding on the interstate.

And after all of the corrupt, illegal and unconstitutional behavior had taken place by the Democrats, partisan hack and abhorrent Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi had the nerve to come out and whine (in her rehearsed speech) that Trump’s acquittal was a “slap in the face for the Constitution.”

No, Nancy. 

The Article of Impeachment was a slap in the face for the Constitution and so was everything the Democratic party did during the impeachment trial.

The Democrats in the House of Representatives had no evidence of a crime, no witnesses… nothing at all before they voted to impeach Trump for the second time. And they had no evidence before the Article of Impeachment was drafted. They just had their little temper tantrum and participated in a drive-by impeachment that only took a few hours.

In the real world, you have to have to present actual evidence to a judge to get a case moved forward. You have to have grounds.

Then when they went to trial, the democrats doctored evidence; used news reports as “facts”; ignored Trump’s free speech rights; ignored accepted legal procedures and precedence; provided no actual investigative evidence for who did what, where and when; they didn’t turn over the “evidence” they did have; they allowed hearsay and hearsay of hearsay; they didn’t have a judge presiding over the trial; they had potential witnesses (Senators) sitting as jurors in the trial… and on and on it goes.

The Fourteenth Amendment has what’s called procedural due process. It is based on a “fundamental fairness” that legal procedures are required to be followed in proceedings. You know – the usual stuff like notice, cross-examinations, discovery… and a hearing by a neutral decision maker. 

You’re also supposed to have an unbiased tribunal which is laughable considering most of the Democratic Senators said that Trump was guilty before he even went to trial.

Basically, all the stuff any other trial requires that the democrats ignored. 

However, their true colors were shown when they backed down from calling in witnesses at the end of the trial when Trump’s attorney threatened to call their own, including Nancy Pelosi. 

Democrats can never win in a “fair” argument. They can never win on facts. So they backed down and the impeachment vote was finally taken.

Even after the usual Trump-hating Rinos voted for Trump’s guilt, like Romney and Collins, he was still found not guilty.

Yes, he was found not guilty even after an abundance of Democrat shenanigans during their kangaroo court.

I can see why the democrats hate him so much. No matter what they do, the Energizer Trump just keeps going and going.

This clown show trial, along with the disgusting abdication of the law including not indicting democratic criminals but prosecuting Trump supporters over the past year, is an example what is to come for the rest of us in a ObamaHarrisBiden administration.

The Constitution is to be ignored, legal procedures and precedence ignored, due process ignored… we are left with selective enforcement of the law as well as selective conviction and punishment. 

It’s about what Soros-funded prosecutors and Obama-appointed judges decide to do to you.

In Biden’s America, it’s about who you are, not the crime you committed. 

And the leftists will continue to go after Trump and his supporters with everything that they’ve got now that they think they have absolute power with no repercussions for any of their actions.