As appalling as the events at the Capitol were on January 6th, what is even more appalling is the ongoing terrorism that is being perpetrated by Black Lives Matter and Antifa in our country.

Why are the people inside of the Capitol worth so much more than the rest of us??? 

When OUR businesses and lives are in danger, when we are murdered, it’s crickets from the democrat party with no discussions on crackdowns on these terrorists. 

No, the main targets of the law, the ONLY terrorists in the country seem to be the folks who support Donald Trump.

The AntifaBLM terrorists have been striking the police, businesses and individuals for about nine months now. Bricks are thrown at police, buildings are set on fire, murder is committed. They haven’t stopped their violence since it started.

If you need proof of that, check out Andy Ngo’s Twitter feed. He’s one of the few journalists who gives a crap about exposing what they are doing every day. You certainly won’t see it on the nightly news or on the leftist cable stations.

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Ngo has even written a book on how Antifa plans to destroy our country: 

Because Antifa and Black Lives Matter are still useful to the Democrat party, they are not being condemned, investigated, or pursued in court for most of their crimes. They are bailed out of jail (thanks Kamala!) and most aren’t prosecuted.

The AntifaBLM terrorism continues to be supported by the democrats and covered up and ignored by the leftist media. And that will keep happening until they prove themselves to be a liability for the democrat party. But I don’t see that happening. 

Democratic politicians can march with the AntifaBLM rioters, bail them out of jail and call them racial justice warriors as they continue with their violent acts – and somehow ALL democrats aren’t painted as domestic terrorists even though thousands of their AntifaBLM friends have been involved in insurrectionist acts in our own country and violence across the planet. Probably tens of thousands.

On the other hand, when 200+ people stormed the Capitol on January 6th, every Trump supporter on earth was painted as a racist domestic terrorist that must be squashed. It also became a constant ongoing story for more than a month and social media used it as an excuse to censor every Conservative they could find.

Trump supporters bad. AntifaBLM terrorists good. 

According to Redstate and video from Any Ngo, Antifa’s newest act of terrorism over the weekend was to pile up snow in front of a ramp where police vehicles are dispatched from Seattle’s East Precinct.

Redstate said, “This prevented Seattle PD from being able to respond to calls, at least with these specific units at this station. Given people often call the police because they are in life-threatening situations, it can’t be overstated how dangerous this is. This is the equivalent of protesters a road and stopping ambulances from getting to a hospital.”

Has Biden said a thing about this? Is he up in arms over this like he is about the evil Trump supporters? Nope.

And Antifa obviously doesn’t just hate the police. They hate people in general. They could care less if the police are able to respond to your heart attack, rape, fire or the stabbing of your grandfather.

Their PR firm seems to be Wikipedia who describes them as mostly nonviolent and they “in some cases” confront law enforcement. They also make excuses for them and say there are efforts to discredit Antifa groups with hoaxes on social media. WikiLeaks says that several analyses, reports and studies concluded that Antifa is not a major domestic terrorism risk. 

And the Washington Post helps out too by calling them an “anti-hate” group.

Yeah right, leftist apologizers. Nice try. 

The Antifa terrorists in Seattle who blocked the police cars also broke the windows of businesses too. Just because they could. And they threw snowballs at the officers as they went to their police cars. But why not do what you want to do if you won’t get arrested for anything?

There were about 30 to 50 of the Antifa terrorists committing crimes in Seattle that day during their siege on the police. Not an overwhelming force that couldn’t be arrested especially considering there were about 15 police officers there that responded to the crowd. 

But no arrests were reported. 

How shocking. 

That’s because they weren’t wearing MAGA hats.