It’s the question that no one is asking. No one but me. 

In the middle of a pandemic and reports of imminent insurrection and violence on the way, why is Biden having a super-spreader inauguration that is under the threat of violence?

If Trump had won, it’s pretty much all the media would be talking about right now – the recklessness of Trump being a narcissist and putting lives at risk.

But the leftist media isn’t asking Biden about this or looking into it at all. No questions are being asked.

They are hypocrites.

If (post-pandemic) we had intelligence that Iran was going to bomb New York City on New Years Eve, would we continue with the plans to have the public ball drop with millions of people in the streets?

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Obviously not. We know this is true because they even shut down the city just “in case” it might result in people getting infected with COVID-19. 

So what’s up with Joe?

Why does he have to have the big shindig?

Surely Biden can Zoom it just like everyone else has to Zoom everything.

But then again, we are just the little people. We have different rules that the special elitist politicians.

Even police in Miami have cancelled their plans to attend the inauguration because of COVID-19 concerns.

The only people who need to be at the inauguration are Biden and his wife and family; Kamala Harris and her husband and family and a Supreme Court Justice to swear them in.

All the democrats and leftist media talk of staying home during the pandemic and not getting together in public is just that. Talk.

The hypocrite democrats never have to walk their talk. They do what they want to do and the media covers for them.

So regardless of the health and security risks, Biden is being a reckless hypocrite and putting the lives of everyone in DC in jeopardy.

Leftist media: crickets. 

His inauguration is a target of many. 

Antifa, extremist right wing groups, Russia, China, Iran and others. 

But the show must go on, right democrats?

When Trump had about 1500 people on the lawn of The White House during his speech at the end of the RNC convention, it was the end of the world. Or so said the leftists.

The AP wrote about Trump’s speech and how many people were there (while ignoring the violence of their AntifaBLM friends going after Republicans who left the speech). They said, “It was a stunning scene in a country where parents and children have been laid to rest without their loved ones present, schools have gone to online-only learning and businesses have shut their doors to halt the spread of the coronavirus…”

Yes, the leftist media was in tears that Trump had his get-together while people were dying.

Are they still dying? Yes. Are we still in a pandemic? Yes.

So why continue with the public inauguration amidst so much death and sadness?

Well, obviously that death and sadness is not enough reason for Biden and the dems to do a private inauguration.

The democrats never want Trump, his supporters or any Republicans doing anything with more than five people and think that everyone should be wearing three masks. Otherwise they are evil, evil people.

Different rules for democrats and AntifaBLM.

So how many white circles will be on the ground for Biden’s buddies to sit inside of, six feet apart, during the inauguration? How many people are going to be there? The media isn’t asking so we won’t know until Wednesday.

But the real recklessness of continuing with a public inauguration is not just the pandemic. It’s the possibility of violence that they are allowing for.

They are implementing security measures to make it as safe as they can and allowing the National Guard to shoot people – but that’s just my point. They are making allowances for violence and have authorized lethal force. 

They’re also allowing a situation that could result in future violence. 

For what? 

For the Biden/Harris inauguration show.

Killing Trump supporters on the day of Biden’s inauguration will not mesh with his fake “unity” message that he plans to deliver at the inauguration.

Either the FBI and police reports are accurate about the threats of violence or they are not. Why go to the extremes of shutting down communications, social media, changing flight rules and giving guns to the National Guard when they could just make the inauguration private at an undisclosed location?

Why aren’t the democrats doing that?