Do we still have the common cold and the flu to contend with?

Yes we do.

They are viruses. We will never get rid of them.

And we’ll never get rid of COVID-19.

Hopefully at some point the coronavirus will be far less deadly. But it will still be around.

So at what point are the governor’s emergency health orders going to be lifted?

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What is their criteria for the governors to get rid of the tyrannical emergency orders?

When there are only 1000 people still infected in their state? 100? One?

None of them are talking about it.

I contend that it’s going to be a long long long long time from now when the emergency orders disappear – unless there is court or legislature intervention to get rid of them.

Their emergency declarations can delay FOIA requests (or perhaps stop them all together); they don’t have to answer phones in their offices because their workers are at home; they can do the union’s bidding and close schools; they can close churches and restaurants; they can use selective enforcement to go after political enemies and target businesses who embarrass them; they can publish long lists of rules for us to follow; they can try to track us and confine us and much more.

It’s a unconstitutional free-for-all that they’re not going to want to step away from. Not even some of the Republican governors are going to want to get rid of their unlimited powers.

In Michigan, when Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer couldn’t wield unlimited powers anymore, she had her pals in the health department do it for her and they announced their own emergency orders. Problem solved.

In Ohio right now, the GOP legislators are working on overriding Governor Mike DeWine’s coronavirus rules and executive orders. 

Their bill creates a new committee that would be able to overrule the governor’s coronavirus orders. He would have to get legislative approval for any health emergencies that last more than 30 days. Sounds reasonable.

The legislature would be also be able to rescind any governor’s executive order or an emergency declaration of any kind with a concurrent resolution from a simple majority in the House and Senate.

Wisconsin is also working on getting rid of their public health emergency as well. 

It’s about time there was some push back on the tyranny.

It’s been almost a year now that we’ve been under their oppressive rule.

Wisconsin Republican State Senator Duey Stroebel put out some amazing common sense when he said, “There’s no such thing as a perpetual emergency.”

Yes, that is true. But not a concept not adhered to by most federal, state, county and local government entities.

If the emergency health orders finally start being shot down in the states, don’t worry because there’s always Biden to the rescue. 

He would probably declare an unconstitutional executive order for a new national emergency and make us wear three masks, hop on one foot and send $100 a month to the DNC.