Yes, this really happened. You might have missed this absurdity in the past week with all of the other news going on.

The insane parallel universe that we find ourselves in would be comical if it were’s so dangerous to our country.

If we weren’t already screwed before with all the communist democratic plans in the hopper, we surely are now.

Senator Bernie Sanders is now the Committee Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee. 

Say what?

He’s not even a democrat – until he needs to be, of course like when he runs for president.

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And he’s definitely a communist. Even democrats have said so.

Bernie himself has said so. In 1972, he said, “I don’t mind people calling me a communist.”

So it’s really not debatable.

So what is leader Obama’s agenda for the budget that he’s going to directing the Harris/Biden administration to do? 

Tax and spend. Tax and spend. Tax and spend.

And what is Bernie’s plan to help out the big O?

He’s going to be as “aggressive” as possible with budget tactics to push the anti-American agenda. That’s right, tactics. He’s going to play games so that the democrats evade the filibuster and pass massive legislation without one Republican vote. 

“We’ve got to move as rapidly as we can,” Bernie says.

Democrats will be handing out money to states to bail them out of their liberal policy mistakes, spending money on climate change, giving cash and benefits to illegals and other handouts to friends and family.

Their voters and supporters will be awash in money just like in the Obama years.

Bernie’s on board with that.

Get ready.

The democratic tyrannical communist train with unlimited cash for their leftist buddies will be leaving the station soon.