Democrats are supposed to be the tolerant ones. 

But that’s just marketing. It’s not reality.

They pretend to be morally superior political creatures who always support the minority individual, the little guy and gal who can’t catch a break, someone who they say is always discriminated against in every situation no matter what they do.

This is about as far from the truth as you can get.

What they actually care about are DEMOCRATS and anyone who supports democrat politicians. That’s who they are willing to protect and defend.

If you are a black conservative, they go after you (Candace Owens and Justice Clarence Thomas). 

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If you are a gay conservative, they go after you (Brandon Straka and Milo Yiannopoulos).

If you are a hispanic conservative they go after you (Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio).

On Tuesday, Joe Biden signed a memorandum condemning racism, xenophobia and intolerance against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

Apparently, during the pandemic, this group of people have been put “at risk” because of inflammatory and xenophobic rhetoric (i.e. Trump calling COVID-19 the “Wuhan virus” or the “China virus.).

Biden says that by referencing the pandemic by the “geographic location of its origin” the Federal Government has played a role in xenophobic sentiments from political leaders (once again, he’s talking about Trump.)

Maybe someone should tell the great all-knowing Biden that viruses have been named after their geographical origin for a long long long time.

Some of the top names with geographic origins that we still use today include the West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease. 

But hey, maybe Mr. Biden will sign Executive Order #2005 to deep six those names and the world will be harmonious and inclusive again.

In 2015, the WHO decided to be PC, as they like to do, and came up with new guidelines for naming new infectious diseases in humans to “minimize unnecessary negative effects on nations, economies and people.”

Basically, it appears that they want to hide the fact that so many viruses come out of China. 

Can you imagine if, over the course of a year, it became known that there was a China Virus 1, China Virus 2 and a China Virus 3? Nope, we can’t have that. It’s bad PR for their China buddies.

In fact the WHO seems to want to hide the viruses coming out of China all together. 

Quite recently, the China-loving WHO said that they don’t even know if COVID-19 even came from China. It’s too soon to know for sure, they say.

It’s nice to have friends in high places that have your back and China has plenty.

But back to Biden’s new executive order to combat intolerance…

It seems to be only certain types of intolerance that Biden is concerned with.

Joe Biden cites “increasing acts of intolerance” against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders – but you would be hard pressed to find a long list of these offenses happening regularly.

That’s because they aren’t happening on large scale unlike the intolerance and discrimination against Trump supporters.

TRUMPOPHOBIA is rampant and there are hundreds of documented violent incidents online. 

There are THOUSANDS of non-violent intolerance incidents. Probably one every second. Hop on Twitter.

Democrats, social media platforms and the leftist media not only allow intolerance and discrimination against Trump supporters, they encourage it. 

Political bigotry, political prejudice, political inequality. 

The targets are women Trump supporters, gay Trump supporters, black Trump supporters, elderly Trump supporters… you get the picture. No one is off limits if you support Trump, the Constitution and conservative policies.

Targets. That’s what Trump supporters are now.

But Biden could care less.

Why hasn’t the all powerful presidential uniter come out and condemned the bullying and harassment (and firings) of Trump supporters? Why hasn’t he spoken out against the firing of literary agent Colleen Oefelein who was fired because she has a Parler and Gab account. 

Red alert – Trump supporter left Twitter and went elsewhere. Red alert – domestic terrorist!

Biden doesn’t want to talk about REAL “increasing acts of intolerance.” 

Bullying and harassment, Mr. Biden? Yep, it’s everywhere. Against Trump supporters.

Destroying the lives of Trump supporters is now the number one goal among the leftists because they don’t have Trump to kick around anymore.

Their hatred and harassment has been transferred over to us.

Leftists also have the current grandiose ideas of removing Fox News and talk radio from the public airwaves.

Bullying and harassment, Mr. Biden? Yep, it’s everywhere.

But don’t expect a memo from Biden condemning Trumpophobia anytime soon – or ever.

Biden’s got more important things to do.

It’s almost naptime.