Joe Biden has not let any grass grow under him during his first week in office. America is no better for it. These are among his signature accomplishments.

1) Said the federal government can do nothing about the virus in the medium term, after campaigning in just the opposite direction.

2) As this analyst predicted months ago, already showed the kind of weakness that encouraged the Chinese military to challenge us over Taiwan.

3) Destroyed the integrity of female secondary level and collegiate sports by letting men, so-called trans women, compete against actual females. Superior male strength makes many of these contests a foregone conclusion. Also hypes the fact that the veep broke a gender barrier. But if, as immediately above, their reigning concept is that there is no gender, then how is any barrier broken?

4) Killed the Keystone XL Pipeline, thus severely reduced American energy independence and lost over 50,000 jobs while doing it. The unions are hopping mad and feel betrayed. Suckers.

5) Is contemplating, with the connievance of the Democrat House, a domestic surveillance bill so drastic that both conservative civil libertarians and radical leftists are opposing it on constitutional grounds.

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6) Has on one hand opened the door again to Islamic terrorist imports by dropping the travel ban, while with the other hand closing the door to our allies because of arbitrary virus standards.

7) Is preparing to propose, one must admit, a relatively moderate citizenship path for illegal immigrants living in this country. The estimated 11 million of those people, a problem recurring as an issue for the last forty years, are not going away and we do not have the will or resources to expel them. The plan, a 5 year path to a green card and a further 3 year path to citizenship, all contingent on a clean criminal record, is a good place to start the debate and may be the basis for a deal.

8) Condemned the assault on the Capitol, but refuses to condemn Antifa riots in Portland and Seattle. Local Democrats out there are starting to call a spade a spade. But not the Biden administration. Yet.

9) Is laying the stage to reenter the Paris Climate Accords and thus make the American economy hostage to foreign edicts.

10) Is actively negotiating with the terrorist regime in Tehran. This will directly bring about at least a regional Iranian nuclear capability. The Israelis, along with several regional allies like the Saudis, may not allow that and could launch a strike on the Iranians. The Iranians may already have operational nukes. The Israeli nuclear force is highly advanced and potent. Thus, Biden’s move could bring about nuclear war in the region, if not farther afield. Such is the Biden administration in less than one week of governing. The second looks to be just as disastrous.