Joe Biden has made the presidency – and Congress – a joke in a very short time. 

Ruling by decree instead of legislation he’s signed over 36 presidential actions in ten days including Executive Orders, Memos and Proclamations. He’s the very definition of a dictator.

The Supreme Court needs to rein him in. And there’s no reason to wait for a court case to to it. 

They need to form a bipartisan commission (with 14 conservatives and one democrat) to reform the presidency.

Sound a bit extreme?

It’s no different than what Biden is doing. 

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In an effort to pack the courts, Joe’s leader Obama and his leftist friends have decided that the Harris/Biden administration needs to form a commission to reform the Supreme Court and the other Federal courts.

And so it has been done.

In 180 days, a report is to be made and given to Joe, who in October said he wanted recommendations on how to reform the court system because it’s getting “out of whack.”

Anything that is not totally ran by democrats is always “out of whack” because they need total control.

The commission that was created is being called a “bipartisan” commission (ha ha) and it will study reforms to the Supreme Court and federal judiciary. 

We all know what the report will say. They will recommend adding four more justices to the Supreme Court and they’ll want to make other radical changes to the Federal judiciary so that they can make sure they flood the courts with liberal judges with allegiances to the democratic party.

The commission is under the White House Counsel’s office with the help of Biden’s campaign lawyer, Bob Bauer, who is co-chair with Cristina Rodriguez, a former deputy assistant attorney general in the Obama Dept. of Justice.

Democrats feel they have the right to change the number of justices just because they can. The fact that we’ve had more than 150 years of having a nine person Supreme Court is of no concern to them.

And don’t let the “bipartisan” label or organizations that members belong to fool you to think there will be any meaningful discussions on what they are doing. They already have the report written.

Commission member Caroline Fredrickson is a former president of the American Constitution Society (ACS) so you would think she’d me a member with some common sense, right? Not so much. 

The ACS is a progressive activist organization that called for the immediate removal of Trump for office; doesn’t want the racist death penalty used and thinks the Supreme Court is illegitimate. 

Fredrickson has already suggested that she likes the idea of court expansion in an interview where she said the Supreme Court is not defined as a nine person body in the Constitution and it has changed many times.

Any small portion of the commission that has any real conservatives appointed to it in the future will be just that – small. It won’t be anything meaningful that makes a whit of difference in the final report that will be given to Biden.

Biden appears to be waiting to get the report until he comments on the commission and anything they might recommend. The White House made a statement “The president remains committed to an expert study of the role and debate over reform of the court and will have more to say in the coming weeks.”

But we all know what he will say. It’s for the good of the country to make “reforms.”

The democrats don’t control the courts so they have to change the rules like they did during the election when they unconstitutionally changed election laws without Congressional approval. 

Cheating and changing the rules. It’s in the democratic playbook.

Luckily, the commission is probably another waste of time like their second fraudulent impeachment of Trump because they don’t have the votes in the Senate to do what they want to do.

Unless, of course, they change the Senate rules and get rid of the filibuster.

This is just more unity and healing coming out of an illegitimate White House.