What kind of idiot parent would actually pay more than $100K (or allow their child to get into that debt) in order send their kids to a college to be oppressed with no free speech rights and then come home four years later with an education that gets them a job at McDonald’s?

Are parents insane?

It makes no sense to pay that much money to a college for the privilege of letting them brainwash your kid, teach them lies and then turn them back over to you as a hateful person who thinks they are a victim with no real chance to get a decent job.

Even back in the late ’80’s when I was only 18 and the democrats weren’t oppressing people in college (or at least not outwardly and obviously), I figured out that the four-year colleges were a joke. 

They didn’t prepare you to get a job or teach you anything useful.

The ridiculous Michigan State University graphic design program in the 1980’s consisted of studying art history, painting, drawing naked people and having to have two years of classes that had nothing to do with graphic design – math, science and other BS classes.

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What I needed was a computer, an education on color and design concepts, marketing and business.

MSU didn’t provide that in their curriculum so no thanks.

And I definitely wasn’t going to go into debt to pay for useless MSU classes that wouldn’t help me with my career. 

I got a grant for a two-year community college where I actually did hands-on graphic design as well as having the ability to use a computer for two years. 

The Macintosh computer came out in 1984 and the design software Pagemaker was introduced in 1985. 

The Macintosh at the time was about the size of two toasters and instead of painting bowls of apples like I would have done at MSU, I hit the ground running at the community college, designing projects on the computer, which I am still doing now, more than 30 years later.

As useless as the four-year colleges were in the past, they are even worse these days. 

In 2020, we have leftist indoctrination, bullying, fake history lessons, campus imprisonment and tracking during the pandemic (if you are even on campus), and the crazy continuation of enormous tuition and fees.

And now, worse of all, some colleges have decided to ignore the Constitution and decide what the students can say in public.

The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor has actually come up with something called a “Words Matter Task Force.” 

And it comes from the IT department. 

You would think that something that moronic might stem from the Psychology Department, not from a department that is actually supposed to deal in numbers, math and facts.

And yes, this is the University of Michigan in America, not in China.

They are banning words like picnic; brown bag; blacklist and others because they are harmful words and might harm the morale of the college.

Other offensive words and phrases include: man; crazy; insane; handicapped; honey; sweetheart; native; long time no see; crack the whip; low man on the totem pole; sold down the river and more. 

The school says that the list is by no means complete and will continue to evolve. 

Unlike them.

A spokesperson for the University of Michigan said, “This ongoing work around language is part of the ITS effort to create a workplace that is diverse, equitable and inclusive.”

These psychos in higher education appear to actually BE high and definitely aren’t educated. 

They don’t even correctly cite the origin of the word picnic because the idiots in the U of M IT Department think that it came from racist killings of African Americans when it actually comes from a 17th century French word.

So imagine that… the IT department isn’t even smart enough to Google the origins of a word. 

Too funny.

And what are the penalties for the staff and students who use these words and phrases? 

Will the po-po handcuff them and drag them off to jail? Will the students be expelled? No one seems to know. 

I’m sure the college will come up with a good punishment – something oppressive that will make everyone feel good about themselves.

These leftist elitist four-year colleges really have nothing on China. 

They’re actually finding customers who are paying them to be oppressed.