The recent executive order by the Biden administration to allow men to compete in secondary level and intercollegiate female athletic events is only a small part of the Left’s larger design to radically alter the basis of American society. The eventual goal? The end of gender, the end of family. Because lonely atomized sheep are easier to rule.

Ever have to spend Thanksgiving or Christmas alone, away from family? More than several times over the years I have. When I was in the Army I had duty to attend to. Since then business and personal factors have conspired to keep me alone sometimes, even on Christmas. If you’ve been through that, you know the empty lonely feeling the day brings. It’s a feeling you wouldn’t wish on many people. It’s desolate and barren, devoid of joy. That’s the feeling the Left wants for you every day of your life. With no ties other than the state, no love for other than the politician of the moment, family and even love destroyed as concepts, why should you fight back against their authoritarian rule? For what, for who, to what end?

It’s not like they’re trying to hide their goals. Black Lives Matter thugs publicly confirmed last year that the nuclear family was their target. For generations public schools have denigrated traditional Americans and attempted to substitute a dark twisted variant of the family into the norm. We needn’t go into the details of trans and drag queen story hours in elementary schools. You’ve seen the news. You don’t have to watch film or television all day long to notice the constant drumbeat against traditional Americans and for any passing deviancy that is sick enough to warrant the attention of the popular culture.

And now this. Men posing as women will be allowed to compete as if they were women. They are not. They are men. Due to a very sad state of mind, these people are only confused pawns in the Left’s greater game. If we tolerate or accept this as the status quo then next it will be a further slice of the pie. Then another and another until gender and its role in family is transmuted into memory.

Yes, these poor devils are to be pitied, or reviled as cheaters, and when possible helped with their obvious mental malady. But this incursion must be stopped at the water’s edge. The line must be drawn and the substitution of objective gender reality for an ideological sham must not be allowed to stand. By the courts or by the ballot, it must be ended. If not, we not only gamble with school sports programs, we gamble with the future of the family itself.