Yes, we have a Constitution although it’s largely ignored by every elected democrat and many Rinos in the House and Senate. Not to mention governors, mayors, judges, prosecutors, secretaries of state, drain commissioners and other captains and administators of tyranny.

The dems and the Rinos simply don’t want a pesky thing like the Constitution stopping them from passing legislation to control people, steal our money and hand out favors to friends, family and donors.

The Constitution actually “allows” the Federal Government to do VERY FEW THINGS. In fact, if you take the time to read it, you will see those powers enumerated.

And the 10th Amendment says that “the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor probated by it to the states, are reserved tot he states respectively or to the people.”

WE have the rights. The people. Not the federal government and their bureaucracy.

The Federal Government has limitations. Limitations that are never followed.

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And that’s why, at the time of the writing of this article, there were 852,724 documents in the Federal Register and more added every day, each document with hundreds or thousands of pages of rules that we have to comply with. 

Good luck with that everyone.

Update: I just edited this article from my first writing this morning and there are now 852,822 documents in the Federal Register – 98 new documents in about a 10 hour period today.

We are living in an unconstitutional dictatorship!!!

So as you can see, the 10th Amendment is one of the most important AND ignored amendments.

Ignored, avoided, rejected, scorned, pooh-poohed and unrecognized.

But it’s where the real power is. 

The power to fight against tyranny.

Yes, if you have a democrat governor, you don’t have a whole lotta chance to fight the federal government so you’ll have to fight it locally at the county, city and township levels. But you have to fight. You can’t accept the tyrannical powers to take away everything that you have.

Go to city and county commissioner meetings (or by Zoom), attend school board meetings, become a precinct delegate or run for other offices, become a member of your local GOP… get involved. Get off your couch and do something instead of asking what can be done. Now you know.

And if you have a republican governor, you need to support them on the push back against the federal government. The states and the people are supposed to have the most power, not the federal government.

Democrats had it right when they decided to come up with the concept of sanctuary cities and states. They did it for a horrid reason but the concept is good.

It’s time to put some new sanctuary jurisdictions to a good use – defending our constitutional rights.

It’s time for cities and states to tell the federal government to kiss off whenever they step over the line and try to erase our freedom of speech or religion or our gun rights. 

Or any other unconstitutional or egregious acts they want to shove down our throats. 

We need to have sanctuary states for gun rights and sanctuary cities for free speech. 

We need sanctuary neighborhoods – autonomous zones for constitutional liberty and freedom.

That kind of zone used to be called “America” but it exists no more.

States must not sit back and let the Federal government unconstitutionally control everyone – including the states themselves.

The states need to reject any Biden Executive Order and any legislation coming out of Congress that goes against the Constitution and the limitations of what they are allowed to legislate.

Texas is already suing to stop Biden’s freeze on deportations. Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney Gener, says that’s the 100-day pause on deportations is unconstitutional because Biden directed Homeland Security not to enforce federal law.

And Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin out of New York has a great idea. He Tweeted that every state legislature should enact “voter identification and signature verification” laws. He is 1000% right. The states with Republican legislatures need to get this going.

The democrats are already trying to enshrine their voter fraud into a bill called HR1 or “For The People Act” (the names of democrat bills are always opposite of the truth). 

The legislation makes mail-in ballots permanent, allows ballot harvesting, allows state colleges and universities to be registration agencies and more.

In a speech in 1788 in the Virginia Ratifying Convention, James Madison said, “The powers of the federal government are enumerated; it can only operate in certain cases; it has legislative powers on defined and limited objects, beyond which it cannot extend its jurisdiction.”

If only, James. If only.