Oh gee… just like we said… the lockdowns were a fraud so that the democrats could tank the Trump economy, enforce unconstitutional rules on us, close churches and flood the system with fraudulent mail-in ballots.

Democratic tyrant governors New York’s Andrew Cuomo and Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer are now signaling that they are looking to ease lockdown restrictions.

In the middle of winter.

During the “flu season.”

Makes perfect sense.

Cuomo, who was responsible for some of the most draconian lock downs in the country (and the overseer of a huge amount of the COVID-19 deaths), recently said that, “We simply cannot stay closed until the vaccine hits critical mass. The cost is too high. We will have nothing left to open. We must reopen the economy….”

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Seriously, Cuomo? 

YOU are the one who closed everything. And your new view of things – and your impatience – is NOT scientific at all. 

It’s emotional. And financial. And political.

Once again, democratic feelings and political gain are what is determining what the governors are doing all over the country.

Michigan Democratic governing tyrant Gretchen Whitmer, in a recent press release, has said that bars and restaurants could re-open to indoor dining on February 1st. Just in time to help her buddy Biden out to make the economy get humming again.

Of course, that only helps the bars and restaurants, who have not already gone bankrupt and closed permanently thanks to her asinine lockdown orders.

Don’t worry though. Total power is still on her agenda. There are still going to be rules, curfews and limitations.

The pandemic is a permanent emergency now in the lives of democrat governors. It gives them unilateral and unlimited powers and they aren’t giving that up.

So you ask… has anything REALLY changed statistically or medically in a dramatic way that is the reason for these democrats to reverse their lockdown decisions? 

Have the cases, hospitalizations or deaths from COVID-19 plummeted SUBSTANTIALLY enough compared to what has been going on in the past 10 months to back up their new rosy outlook?


They pick and choose their own benchmarks as it suits them.

But they never had any real data or science to back them up for anything they did to begin with. 

They did what they felt like doing because they could. And it was politically beneficial. 

It’s that simple.