Biden has got the enemies of America very excited. 

They are very happy that he was able to somehow weasel his way into the White House regardless of massive allegations and sworn affidavits of voter fraud and documented unconstitutional changes to the voting process in states like Pennsylvania and Michigan.   

Iran’s gotta think they’re in line for some more pallets of cash from Biden’s puppetmaster, Obama. 

And China’s got it made for four years. America won’t be standing in their way at all for anything they want to do including their global domination plans. They will be unrestrained to commit human rights atrocities, colonizations, genocides, espionage, intellectual theft of American property and much more.

The China controlled communist news media was unrestrained in their overflowing giddiness of finally getting rid of “negative and destructive” Trump and the Chinese Communist Party’s Xinhua news agency Tweeted a big “good riddance!” to Trump.

Iran is just as excited about Trump’s departure as China and the democrats are.

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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called Trump a “stupid terrorist” and wants Biden to take up the Iran Nuclear deal again. Biden seems quote agreeable. And they won’t have to worry about Biden killing any Iranian terrorist leaders like Trump did.

Rouhani said, “Today, thanks God, Trump’s black page will be closed forever, and we say thanks God when any oppressor is overthrown.”

Iran on Wednesday put sanctions on Trump and other administration officials from traveling and doing business in Iran. I’m sure Trump is pretty bummed about that.

Luckily, Hunter still has access or the Biden family treasure might disappear.

Now we’re just all left wondering…

Which dictator will be next to offer a CONGRATS and a big wet kiss for Joe?