Facebook’s oppressive Trump supporter lockdown became apparent to me around 6 pm on Friday night. 

What they did should have gone viral – and it’ll be interesting to see if anyone in the Conservative media even know that it happened because the problem is when they lockdown people from posting in certain areas on Facebook, how are we going to know it happened, right? Because they can’t post on Facebook about it anywhere with a large audience.

So on Friday evening, when I really had more important things to do than to investigate Facebook’s tyranny, I was getting one message after another from my conservative and Trump supporting friends that they were getting notifications about being locked out of things. 

They were still able to post on their regular Facebook page to their own friends but they were told that they weren’t allowed to start any new groups or events (some of them had NEVER even done that before) and they also weren’t allowed to post or comment in any groups. Some couldn’t even post on business pages.

So what happens if these people need to post that they lost their dog in a local Lost/Found Dog group?

Too bad, so sad. Facebook doesn’t give a crap.

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Maybe they recently joined a COVID-19 support group to find out about the best at-home treatments and have questions.

Doesn’t matter. Facebook doesn’t give a crap.

Are they a breast cancer survivor who relies on their Breast Cancer survivor group to help them with physical and mental issues?

They are outta luck. Facebook doesn’t give a crap.

Do they run a dog rescue page that people in their community rely on to save dogs – and now they are unable to post to their own page?

Well that’s too f-ing bad. Facebook doesn’t give a crap.

It’s one thing to stop people from starting events and groups during the week of the inauguration. It’s quite another to block people from posting and commenting on pages that have nothing to do with politics.

Tyrannical. Asinine. Heartless.

So what were the heinous crimes of these Trump supporters involved in the tyrannical Facebook purge? There weren’t any. One got a BS reason for something innocuous that they posted two years ago and someone else had shared a meme in the past that didn’t violate any Facebook terms of service or community standards. Others were given no reason.

Nope, this was a coordinated effort to go after selected conservatives and Trump supporters and block them from doing things. I have no idea what kind of algorithm they used to find these people and what Facebook’s actual criteria is because they’ll never admit to the truth. What I DO know is that the first two people who told me that they were restricted were my two most non-offensive Trump supporting friends. If they can be restricted, anyone can.

So it was becoming apparent as the night progressed that this wasn’t about anything that Trump supporters did. It was plan that Facebook came up with to block anyone that they wanted to block. Some of the people were told they were suspended indefinitely and others were told they were suspended until January 23rd. 

Giving everyone the same date of January 23rd was one more clue that Facebook was systematically restricting Trump supporters from posting things and Facebook didn’t have a care in the world about how that would affect their personal lives and the groups that they were in.

Were any liberals targeted? I’ve seen little evidence of that but I’m sure Facebook dinged a few of them to make it look like their tyranny wasn’t political.

If you are a Trump supporter and have done nothing wrong, what recourse do you have? You don’t. And there’s no live human being to argue with because Facebook isn’t accountable to anyone.

I went on a local community group page (because no, amazingly I haven’t been restricted yet) and posted what was happening and asked if others noticed friends who had been restricted. Because the only way to know it was happening was from your own friends on your own page. 

Many of the leftists told me that my post was a conspiracy theory. Another said that Facebook was updating stuff. Many said that we deserved what we were getting, spewing their usual Trump and Trump supporter hate with “Sounds like you shouldn’t support attempted insurrection” and other such things.

But I knew they were full of crap. I had evidence that it WAS happening and it didn’t take long for me to finally get verification.

I found a Reuters report about what Facebook was doing. It was only about half the truth but at least they actually reported on it.

In the original article, Reuters said that Facebook was blocking the creation of any new Facebook events in close proximity to places such as the Capitol – which was BS because my friends being restricted were in Michigan.

Then, in a later updated story, it said “as well as state Capitol buildings.”

Okay, Facebook. That is more BS. Petoskey, Michigan is not anywhere near a state Capitol. I’m pretty sure your information contains, among other things, where Facebook users live.

Also a lie was when they said that people would be restricted through the inauguration. No, everyone seemed to be blocked through January 23rd. The rest of them were restricted “indefinitely.” So it’s not going to end after the inauguration. And the way that Facebook operates, it will probably never end, with more restrictions to come.

When tyrants get away with things and have no consequences, they giddily see that they have no limits. And they just keep on going.

Facebook can use all of the flowery language they want to but in doing what they did, they did not go after extremists and people who are a threat to anyone. They went after and are going after any political enemy they choose to, regardless or what they’ve ever posted.

At the end of the Reuters article, Facebook said they were also imposing “other restrictions” such as blocking certain accounts from posting live videos, creating events or being a page or group administrator “based on signals such as repeat violations of our policies.”

Here is the company’s statement about what they are doing. You really should read it and see what their current and future plans are to control the communications of the United States.

They actually admit they are controlling what we get to see and hear with their own “accurate” information about things like the election and suppression of anything they don’t agree with. Yes, they will be deciding what you see and hear.

Included in their tyrannical diatribe, they talk about increasing requirements of group admins to review and approve posts before they can go up. I’m not sure exactly how they will enforce this other than not allowing immediate posts for any groups. That way, FB can stick it to us if we allow even one post out of a million that they don’t approve of.

Um… no, sorry, Facebook. I have a life and unlike you, I actually believe in free speech. I don’t have the time or money, like you do, to target people that I don’t agree with. And unlike you, I actually think it’s good to discuss things with people who have different opinions about things. 

And you’re not going to make ME responsible for anything other people post when you never are.

The ONLY reason I am still on Facebook is because I communicate with the animal rescue community – and if Facebook starts restricting that, I will be gone. 

So yes, the tyrants of Facebook will be the cause of cats and dogs dying in Michigan because I won’t be able to communicate information to help save them.

But they don’t give a crap.