Regardless of the fact that the Ice Bucket Challenge fundraiser was able to bring in millions of dollars for ALS Research, the premise was asinine. 

If you were challenged to participate and DIDN’T want to donate to ALS, within a 24-hour period, you would have to stand still while a bucket of ice and water came down on you. You recorded it and posted it to social media. 

Most people weren’t actually interested in donating to the cause or even bringing awareness to it. They just thought it was “cool” thing to do and everyone was doing it so they all joined in to be part of the group. If you didn’t do it, people thought YOU were the one who didn’t care about the cause.

Mainstream stupidity.

These people were, as talk show host radio Rush Limbaugh host often calls people who do things like this, “mindless robots.”

Right now, the cool thing is to disavow Trump. 

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It’s popular and cool, and for many Republicans and former or recent Trump supporters, it’s a last ditch effort to save their careers and reputations. 

If these people weren’t such cowardly spineless weasels, then the leftists would see that their Orwellian targeting wouldn’t work on us.

They wouldn’t be able to cancel us because they would see that we have a spine and are not afraid of their threats.

The latest presidential administration person to “dump Trump” is Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf. 

Dear Chad: You work for America, not Trump. 

What a disgusting piece of human debris Wolf is to try to save face and in the process he leaves a post that is responsible for our national security. There is not a strong enough word to describe my disgust with this jerk.

Then we have Bill Belichick who has decided not to accept the Medal of Freedom from President Trump, citing the mob violence at the Capitol. 

No big surprise here that a high profile person with lots of people to answer for makes a decision like this. 

It’s the easiest thing in the world to trash Trump right now when the entire country is doing it. And it doesn’t matter that they are doing it based on a BS lie that Trump incited the violence at the Capitol.

Whether it was Belichick’s decision or not about whether to refuse the medal, it’s just one more pile-on by a bunch of cowards who can’t think for themselves and are ruled by self-preservation and the popular thing at the moment.

And Belichick is the guy who was hated like nobody’s business because of Deflategate and Spygate, scandals that made him enemy number one in the football world for a long time.

But, hey, nice job, Belichick! Your Google search results are much better now and reflect your disavowment of Trump instead of your past scandals.

You’re no longer a deplorable irredeemable!

President Obama’s CIA director and communist, John Brennan, who was instrumental in the coup against Trump gives some good advice to Trump supporters looking for redemption. He Tweeted, “Anyone now seeking national redemption by claiming to no longer support Trump must acknowledge how wrong it was to ignore and enable his corrupt, dishonest and divisive agenda. Total denunciation of a despot’s legacy is necessary to eradicate any remaining malignancy.”

Is it just me, or are we currently living in Hitler’s Germany?

Who will be the first to set-up the re-education camps? They’re being talked about already. We’re going to be de-programmed.

So in addition to Belichick and others trying to redeem themselves, here are some more people I expect to disavow Trump in order to save their hides: The Golden State killer, Scott Peterson, Bill Cosby, Lori Loughlin, OJ Simpson and Harvey Weinstein.

Last but not least…

Dear President Trump: I’ll take ANY cabinet position that you’d like to offer me. I prefer to take one that I’m qualified for however – something in the writing, marketing, graphic design, or the animal rescue neck of the woods. And if you want to give me award for anything, I’ll be there!