I recently went on Twitter for a reconnaissance mission to see how happy, joyous and free my democrat enemies are now that they’ve secured the wins of the House, Senate and presidency.

But they are NOT happy.

That’s who they are though. 

They are not happy people to begin with. They live amongst constant grievances.

They are always victims or they complain that everyone else is. 

They are sick people who are been sick people for so long that they don’t know how to stop. They traffic in hate.

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The more recent politically motivated leftists have had years and years of George Bush hatred while pretending to care about the daily death counts of soldiers – and then that hate transferred over to Romney and Sarah Palin and finally to the golden target of their hate – Donald J. Trump.

For four years, their lives have been full of Trump hate, Trump supporter hate, conservative hate and Republican hate. It doesn’t even matter if their hate is based on total lies like the Russia hoax. They will continue the hate and continue to spread their lies.

And they are too ignorant to know that a hate-filled life is right where their elected democrat leaders and leftist media wants them.

Winning is not enough. 

Payback and being vindictive is the new game in town. 

Was it good enough that they have stolen power over the country through voter fraud? 

Are they spending their time having victory parties, praising the great Biden or talking about the better country that is coming soon?


They want blood.

Even cancelling Trump is not enough. They need to cancel Trump supporters too. They need to erase us.

On the TV show M*A*S*H, Hawkeye Pierce, a doctor in an Army Medical Unit during the Korean war, was mixed up with another person and declared dead. One of the investigators who came to find out what happened, chuckled and called Pierce an “un-person” with little to no sympathy for any consequences to Hawykeye that government’s error had produced.

That’s what the democrats are hoping to accomplish soon – to make every Trump supporter an un-person. No, not by killing us. But by destroying our lives – our jobs, our reputations, our freedom of speech…whatever they can do to us is both justifiable and righteous.

Ben Domenech, a writer with the Federalist, explained it pretty well recently in his article when he said, “What will happen next is obvious: A total crushing, anti-free speed effort that treats Trump-supporting-groups like Branch Davidians (the religious group, lead by David Koresh, involved in the Waco, Texas incident).”

Domenech also says that the Capitol riots will be used to deplatform Trump supporters and we all know that is true. What is there to stop them from just picking the top 50 conservatives and removing their accounts? Nothing. And us little people will receive the same fate eventually when they have time to get around to us.

Reddit recently got rid of a one of the largest online Donald Trump political communities there is even though Trump is not officially related to the site nor is there any affiliation with his campaign. Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter and Antifa Facebook pages, Twitter pages and other social media pages continue to spew hate and plan “protests” and violence are all over the internet.

Google has banned the Parler app from it’s Play Store and Apple and Amazon have suspended Parler from their App store and web hosting service. The censorship giants told Parler to get their head on straight and to bow to the democrat overlords – or else.

Parler Chief Executive John Matze said, ““This was a coordinated attack by the tech giants to kill competition in the market place… You can expect the war on competition and free speech to continue, but don’t count us out.”

If you haven’t been paying attention the past week, you need to know that the democrats have really gone into overdrive with their plans to cancel us, using what happened at the Capitol as an excuse.

After ignoring the real insurrection of the country going on for the past eight months with their democratic AntifaBLM terrorist army, they have decided they have the moral high ground and that they have the justification to cancel Trump and all of his supporters.

True to form, the fake news media is leading the charge. The ABC News Political Director is calling for the “cleansing of Trump voters.” He said that getting rid of Trump was the easy part but that they must now cleanse the movement. 

And CNN, as usual, is calling for the shutdown of FoxNews, which seems kind of comical since only about 20% of the network has any kind of pro-Trump mentality anymore. But 20% is way too high a number for the leftists.

As a lot of you may already know that the leftists have shut down most of Trump’s social media accounts and his merchandise website. They don’t want to see any more Trump flags or MAGA hats being sold.

Communist House leader AOC has tweeted that there needs to be an archiving of Trump sycophants. Will she make us wear arm bands too?

There is an airline, American Airlines, that wants to ban Trump supporters.

Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson out of Mississippi doesn’t believe in due process or freedom of speech and wants the TSA to ban anyone from planes who was “involved” in what he calls a terrorist attack on the Capitol. On the other side of the coin, he was, of course, completely in support of all of the racial justice “protests” that went on all summer.

Simon and Schuster, in Orwellian fashion cancelled Josh Hawley’s contract for his book because he was fighting for voter integrity and objecting to the electoral college certification.

Then we have a teacher in Pennsylvania who was suspended for attending the DC protests. 

They’re going after churches again too which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

Yes, we all have to remember that Trump supporters don’t have any rights according to the leftists. They throw a fit about any other kid of injustice. You can’t discriminate against anyone else for anything. But going after Trump supporters is perfectly fine – and encouraged. Even if they are black, women, gay or any other minority. Party first. That’s what matters.

And with only nine days left in Trump’s presidency, the hateful and vindictive democrats want to waste time impeaching him.

And Biden, “Mr. Uniter”, the liar who said he wanted to be everyone’s president, is not lifting a finger to stop them. Instead of telling the idiot dems that they need to scrap their impeachment plans, he came out the other day and said it’s up to Congress what they do. Yes, that will really unite the country.

You’re a fraud, Joe. If the first thing you accept is the leftists continuing their vendetta against Trump and his supporters, then you are a fraud.

Democrats are just plain vindictive.


If you’ve been on Twitter lately, you have seen that. The elected democrats are constantly spewing hate and so are their supporters and the fake news media. There is no excitement over Biden and not anything close to promoting unity going on in the cesspool of Twitter.

Hateful Bette Midler has absolutely no joyous posts on her Twitter feed. One of her latest posts is a response to Trump where she says, “we all hope to never clap eyes on you again, you traitorous, seditious, appalling…loser.”

Gee, Bette. Not one congrats thrown out to Dementia Joe and Slept-Her-Way-to-the-Top Kamala for winning the presidency and vice presidency? Nope. A whole feed of Trump hate. Find a therapist, honey.

And trending on Twitter on Friday was #benghazi. Not because any of the leftist on Twitter care about what happened in Benghazi and the fact that Hillary and Barry left our Americans there to die to cover up a gun-running operation.

No, the democratic evil of the day was comparing the deaths at the Capitol to Benghazi. Sicko Chris Hayes from MSNBC said, “The Trump mob attack on the capitol (he didn’t capitalize the word because he’s an idiot) now has a higher death toll than Benghazi.”

And because liberals all think and act alike, many more sick leftists including The Lincoln Project followed along with the hashtag.

We all need to understand that the democrats are all-in on their plan to ridicule, bully and destroy us and have the power to do so now.

They will use censorship, firing people, banning us from commerce and travel and whatever else their devious minds can come up with. Nothing will be off limits.

From now on, it’s WHO you are that matters – whether we’re talking about justice, rioting, employment, banking, communications or anything else.

Be prepared because as a conservative or Trump supporter, they are coming for you. You have to shore up where you can. Protect yourselves. Find other means of communications and back-up plans. You have to switch your thinking to a survival mode to be able to keep the rights that the Founders guaranteed you.

We’ll be receiving a whole different kind of justice too. Anita and BLM are free to riot all over the country, but if you are an unlawful entrant to the Capitol building, law enforcement will pull out all the stops to track you down with wanted photos and massive investigations. They will employ a real zest for prosecution never reserved for democratic terrorists.

So it’s now more obvious than ever that the democrats are not really interested in actual equality or unity as it pertains to their political enemy. 

And that’s fine with me. 

Because they have absolutely nothing to offer that I want to unify with.

I’m not especially fond of living in North Korea.