With probable democratic control of the White House, Senate and the House, the leftists are giddy with the power they plan to wield soon. 

Besides their plans to impose their tyrannical rules over us, they are also changing how the game is played. 

When you want to start a new communist country, you have to make systemic changes and they plan to do so in order to keep power indefinitely. 

When democrats are in power, they don’t compete. They get rid of the competition. 

They change the rules. In fact, they change the entire game that is played to a totally different game. 

They don’t give up and they will do whatever is necessary to attain their power.

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This is something that elected Republicans should aspire to but never do – hence, we are currently in perilous times.

The democratic communist oppressive ideas are NOT actually popular with most people, no matter what the media portrays. 

So the democrats become dictators. 

Because when and if the people wake up to their tyranny and decide to revolt, it will be too late by then. The democrats will have control over everything with the people’s rights having been thrown out the window.

And the more tyrannical control the democrats exert, the more violent the course correction will be someday.

But everything they do is for our own good, they say. They are helping people.

Yeah, right.

Nancy Pelosi, basking in the glory of being re-elected as Speaker of the House, after much wheeling and dealing, has made sure that the House rules are as draconian and progressive as possible during her reign. Happy New Year! 

Never mind that the democratic Representatives in the House actually have less power than before because they have lost seats. 

The bottom line is that they are still IN power and that’s all that matters. They will use that power accordingly.

So here are some of their new rules for the House of Representatives…

It’s All About the Benjamins

No more Pay-as-you-Go. Come on, people. You were expecting Congress to keep adhering to a rule where they actually have to have offsets when they pass deficit-increasing legislation?

That’s no longer a problem if the legislation has to do with spending money to combat the pandemic or global warming – so pretty much EVERYTHING.

No More Pesky Republican Interference

Breaking with a 100-year tradition, Pelosi is shutting down the minority party as much as she can and a new rule will dismantle the republican’s ability to offer a motion to recommit. That means they won’t be able to offer any final amendments to bills on the floor to force difficult votes. 

Pelosi shakes her finger and gives a big no-no to any political games by the R’s on her watch. No more debate. It’s the democrat way or the highway.

House Minority Leader Republican Kevin McCarthy of California said that Pelosi “wants to silent your voice and consolidate what little power she has left.”

New Woke Committee on Economic Disparity and Fairness in Growth

Pelosi obviously created this new committee as part of her wheeling and dealing to become Speaker of the House. To keep The Squad and the rest of her crazy progressives happy, she created this new committee to “combat the crisis of income and wealth disparity in America.”  

No word yet if she’ll be sending me weekly checks to combat the wealth disparity between my income and hers.

New Work Diversity Language

The woke democrats are changing the official language in their House rules (not their actual spoken words in the House as many have erroneously reported).

They will change the words to be gender-neutral. No more evil gender pronouns and descriptions. No more he or she. Chairman will be Chair. And the Ombudsman is now Ombuds.

Pelosi’s own Twitter bio doesn’t reflect the same woke diversity however. She calls herself a mother and grandmother – and her bio still hasn’t been changed as of the writing of this article. Hey, Nance. Get your crap together and make the edits. You are a parent and a grandparent now.